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Argonians having very different biological adornments (fins, spikes, feathers, different skull shapes etc) make scientific sense here is why

Content of the article: "Argonians having very different biological adornments (fins, spikes, feathers, different skull shapes etc) make scientific sense here is why"

Now first off let's talk about what I meant in the title. Argonians have varying types of head parts that can drastically differ, this is ESPECIALLY true for eso. In eso there are many many hairstyles, feathers, fin types and type of spikes an argonian can get, some even influence their skullshape.

Now they are really nice in the game of course, nice models, its great being able to customise your character etc.

But is it canon that most argonians have such different head forms and does it make sense?

Yes and here is how;

Argoanians have "hairstyles" that are so different and varrying from each other that in real life these diferences would almost result them to be of different sub species. So how can they have such a varrying gene pool of different spikes, fins and headshapes? Well, lets look at real life science.

In real life biology, a trait that doesnt hinder, take much energy or benefit the survival of an animal, is free to survive and continued to be passed on.

We can see that on the furs of house cats for example, unlike skeletons or muscle groups of an animal, the shape of designs on a house cat is irrelevent and not as essential for their survival. A shape on the fur doesnt mean anything for its survival, and it doesnt take energy from him either. Thats why house cats have fur designs that looks like randomly painted, unlike tigers which uses their fur designs (stripes) for their survival hence they have a "intentionally designed" look to their furs because their survival have narrowed their gene pool of fur designs, unlike house cats.

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Seriously go google any cat with more than one color, most of them look very random without any resemblance of order, unlike lets say the placement of their bones or muscles etc.

So, it makes sense that argonians have such a varying amount of different things they can grow out of their heads, seriouslylook at theseespecially things that have been added later, its quite interesting that unlike khajit, human or elves they have such diversity in their genes in this manner.

This makes sense in science, as just like our house cat example, if the argonians do not use their hairstyles for any type of survival (and we now they dont) then it makes sense that the gene pool of the head parts would be really diverse.

———————————–BONUS STAGE—————————–

Now the reason why argonians came to have many different hairstyles is due to artists wanting to interpret them being lizard men differently and introducing many avian or reptilian aspects to their biology. However we can take my explanation up above as the lore reason and backing, as how it make sense for them to have such different head parts..


We know that one of the most possible theories of argonian creation is one not of evolution but of mutation/magic due to hist trees. If hist trees "evolved" argonians from lizards in the shape of men, it is possible that hist actually evolved many different species of lizard into argonians. This could also explain why they have so many different scale patterns, colors and head parts.These traits survived while the majority of their biology turned into argonian.And those traits now exist in their gene pool. What do you think?

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