The Elder Scrolls

Artifacts of Arch-Mage Vorian Faether, Section Two

( Note : This is a continuation of an earlier post, and as such will be treated as if it’s written directly beneath the first three artifacts. )

“Item Four, Sanctuary ( Danger Rating 2/10 ) : Sanctuary, as the name might imply is a relic intended by my Father to lean towards defense rather than offense. It is, as you might expect, a shield made of rather strong materials ( I’m certain the primary metal is Ebony, though it seems to have been either forged in some special manner or perhaps alloyed with something else ). Aside from this sturdy basis though, the shield bares several enchantments most of which are intended to protect civilians more than the wielder. Beginning with its passive enchantment, the shield is capable of absorbing the majority of magicka used in oncoming spells, which it then uses to power several of its active abilities. These active abilities include a group Calm spell, a dome shaped Ward spell, and a version of Stoneflesh that works on unarmed individuals within a certain range. The only real danger with this relic is based around the idea that the shield may be corrupted into a more destructive item by Daedra or talented Mages. However, I have insisted on keeping this item with me after my Father passes, and thus will make sure that anyone seeking to twist this relic will regret their decision.

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Item Five, Peryite’s Mimicry ( Danger Rating 6/10 ) : Of all the artifacts I intend to record, this will likely be the only one containing a warning before the item’s description. Should you find this relic, know that if asked its name you must respond with; “This is Peryite’s Mimicry, a gift from the Daedric Prince of Creativity”. Now, as those of you well read in the field of Daedrology may know, Daedric Princes cannot truly create anything, but the ability to create this item was granted by the Daedric Prince Peryite in exchange for bringing the Prince some semblance of fame. This relic is the armor which my Father wears during all of his adventures and is capable of defending him from sickness and disease, while also copying the effects of Peryite’s Spellbreaker ( It creates and sustains a ward that envelops the armor in its entirety, though notably far stronger than Sanctuary’s ward and with seemingly no magicka cost ). Of course, those who fail to honor Peryite by giving the name of the Armor to those who ask will be cursed with a plague that is implied to be apocalyptic in nature. ( My Father seems to have confidence that Peryite will avoid unleashing this plague should the wearer be either unaware of the Armor’s name, or evil enough to crave the plague. I however, am not so certain and thus will likely seal the armor away once my Father passes. )

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Item Six, Cauldron of Magnus ( Danger Rating 0/10 ) : Where the last relic could be capable of devastating a nation or two under certain circumstances, this item is far more tame in its nature. The reason for this is that it doesn’t seem to actually work properly. The goal was to create an item tethered to the Eye of Magnus that could call on the Eye’s power to simply create whatever the user desires. In my youth I remember hearing loud outburst from my Father’s study hall as his attempts to research the Eye left him empty handed. I know that at one point in his past he had the Eye right in front of him where he could observe and study it apparently ‘Near infinite power’. However, it seems that was not enough for him to figure out how to track down the Eye and bind it to another item. So, until the Eye is found and further researched the Cauldron of Magnus will be little more than an empty vessel. For those of you who may be curious, I believe my Father’s main goal with this Relic was going to be the creation of a species capable of acting as champions of Nirn after his passing. He doesn’t seem ready to give up on that goal.”

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