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ASIS SSE – still the best way to increase spawn

Content of the article: "ASIS SSE – still the best way to increase spawn"

I was looking for a mod to dinamically increase the spawns here in the reddit, and It seems like there's nothing new. Since i'm a big fan of "increasing the difficulty throught increasing the enemy numbers" i'm leaving here a brief guide.

There are few ways to dinamically increase the spawn: ASIS, Genesis and SOT*. SOT Is a great mod, but will end up toasting your save. I spent several months during 2017 testing It and i realized that Is simply not sustainable in the long run. Genesis Is pretty stable and can be used without fear; however the keyword system can results in strange spawns: most of times, in a given dungeon will be spawned enemies from a different faction of the vanilla enemies. This will result in a fight between those hostile NPC that, while not game breaking, may result in LESS enemies in the dungeon.

If you are on PC, ASIS SE seems to still beeing the best option. However It has his flaws.

1- you'll have to mix and match. First you must grab the improved INI LE version (they work fine with the SE version); then you'll have to grab also the MCM scripts from the original mod (LE). After that you still may want to refine the INI. I still have my old version from 2018 that also covers Beyond Reach, Bruma and some other mods.

2- the patcher will create a form 43 file. Honestly last time i played with It i didn't bothered to convert the file in form 44, the game runned flawlessy. But you may want to resave It in the CK.

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3- unfortunately the mod Is actually unsupported. While i can smash my head on the keyboard in order to deal with the ini, the ck and to add the MCM scripts, i know nothing about Java scripting. We can only hope that a modder eventually will take over the project and will restore the missing feature.

Despite that, in my experience, if you follow those steps, the game will be populated by horde of enemies while still beeing stable. I hope that this post can help someone 🙂

*There are other mods, like OBIS, that are capable to increase the spawns, but they are limited to a few types of npc. We are looking for something wider.


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