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Assistance on Wintersun Faith Deity Choices

Ok, so I just finished up deciding on the mods to have installed and running, and now I'm trying to decide which deity best fits my selection of characters and what I aim to do with them to optimize them. (using Live Another Life mod to put them in their starts)
A short rundown plus current thoughts/possible choices will be displayed, otherwise I'm open to suggestions and reasons why X is better than Y on them :3c Also don't wanna double up on any deity, if possible, just to keep the flavor from going too samey.
(I have the option of using any race as a follower opened up)

Yewra : khajiit archer/bard, starts in Solitude, eventually goes into Thieves Guild (bit of a kleptomanic), usually quite kind and does alchemy but not as a full profession.
so far I like Jephre (capacity, speed, stamina, minor weather control) but it makes me wonder how she would have ended up worshiping an elven deity.
Kynereth is a good option, though the perks are a bit lackluster compared to Jephre
Rajhin is good for later on, when she's actually in the Thieves Guild, but she's more likely to persuade than bribe?

Bahtleir : khajiit miner/smith, starts in Riverwood/Falkreath, eventually goes into the Companions (werewolf), womanizer and I'm considering having him be more of a brawler than a weapon-user (claws)
Riddle'Thar fits to a section of his abilities, it would'nt be a drawback, plus he'd get more brawler damage
Zenithar is a pretty nice option, though he wont be using alchemy or enchanting much?
Sanguine would be funny and interesting, but he might not be able to afford all the jail time xD
ofc Hercine is an obvious choice, but I'm willing to think otherwise.

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Csathera : altmer mage, mostly will stick to Winterhold, focused on daedra studies mainly but likely will wander a bit for sake of curiosity. Full of herself, kind of a jerk, typical high elf rudeness.
Hermaeus Mora might fit, since it slots in with her studies, and is a nice boost overall.
Magnus would also fit in with her work in the College, and the loss of Magicka regen is easily balanced with potions, plus the casting costing only a quarter of normal is a good trade off.
I'd do Tall Papa but being she's a dickish elf, she likely would never prey to a Redguard deity :/

Riin-Kyr : argonian vampire hunter (Dawnguard ofc), out to destroy the Dark Brotherhood as well. Kinda weirdly paladin-y sorta guy, not sure if by upbringing or what. Two-handed weapons.
Jyggalag seems neat, doesn't conflict with his goals at all.
Meridia looks to get more gains out of him though, since his main aim is to get rid of undead.

Tevuul : dumer, pretty much the opposite of Riin-Kyr as a Dark Brotherhood vampire. More morally grey than evil, though, but does have her very feral tendencies. Morthal start-up likely? Dual-wield daggars
Boethiah is a juicy prospect, since the innocent are usually her feeding victims, but dunno how often you actually kill the people you feed on as a vampire (been awhile since I actually played one)
Mephala works too, since she's happy to work with poisons.
Molag Bal ofc is the obvious vampire choice, but she's not as likely to use spells as her blades.

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Yvonne : nord, some minor magic but mainly one-handed sword/shield. Only one I'll consider to use for the actual Dragonborn storyline even if she's not specifically one IMO. may base her in Solstheim unless I get a better idea before actually getting her out of character creation dungeon.
Romanctically into Orcs so Malacath might be a nice compliment.


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