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B35’s Modder Interviews- A Written Interview with redrew89 of Lielle- Rose of the North

Content of the article: "B35’s Modder Interviews- A Written Interview with redrew89 of Lielle- Rose of the North"

Good to see you all! This is u/B35Patriot and welcome back to B35's Modder Interviews, a series of interviews that I am doing with modders across the Skyrim community. Today, our interviewee is u/redrew89, who is currently developing the follower mod Lielle- Rose of the North, a new custom-voiced companion with a focus on magic, research, and the College of Winterhold. As always, we'll be talking with redrew89 about the development of Lielle, and his thoughts on modding and the Elder Scrolls as well.

Anyway, let's get into the interview!


Q: Starting off, what first got you into the Elder Scrolls/Skyrim?

A: My adventures in Tamriel began back in the days of Morrowind. Many fond memories of being absolutely lost in Seyda Neen and not having any clue how to progress in the game, until I consulted walkthrough guides that pointed me on the right path. I eventually started adding various mods to that game, and then later Oblivion, until I found myself in 2011, playing Skyrim for the first time and being absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of what the community would do with the latest adventure Bethesda had cooked up for us.

Q: How did you first get into making mods for games?

A: My first forays into modding were for Skyrim. Mostly just personal edits of some of my own favorite clothing and outfit mods, custom BodySlide edits, and other tweaks. It wasn’t until 2018 that the idea for Lielle crystallized. Which, of course, leads to….

Q: You are most well known for the ongoing development of Lielle- Rose of the North, an up-and-coming companion mod. What inspired you to create Lielle?

A: Lielle began as a player-character idea. I had not yet attempted a pure-mage build, favoring a spellsword gameplay style, instead. As I ventured through Skyrim as Lielle, in early incarnations, I started fleshing out the roleplay and personality of the character, which ultimately became the Lielle we know, today. Other media inspirations for Lielle include the likes of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter franchise, and Avatar Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Q: How was and is development of the mod going, such as coordinating with voice actors, quest implementation, etc?

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A: Currently, my sole collaborator on this project is JoJoRawr, who gives Lielle her voice. She has been a great source of feedback, inspiration and support in the process, and I can safely say that Lielle would not exist without her efforts. With that said, I would like to point out that Lielle is an Open Source project, and I’m happy to consider contributions from anyone who is willing to help, whether it be quest design, story writing, or playtesting.

Q: What features are you hoping to introduce to Lielle to make her unique among follower mods?

A: The primary feature that I have rarely see in other followers is Lielle’s Arcane Research quests, which give the player the opportunity to make better use of artifacts that might otherwise not suit the build they are going for, and otherwise gives Lielle a greater purpose as a character beyond “I need you to carry something for me” or “Burn those baddies to cinders, please”. In addition, while it’s still in a preliminary state, Lielle’s “Affection Level” system, while heavily inspired by Fallout 4’s follower behavior features, is something I find unique among Skyrim followers, and is only just being implemented on a larger scale via Nether’s Follower Framework and its Regard system.

Q: Assuming all goes to plan, what does your idea of Lielle look when she is considered "finished" as a companion mod?

A: My design process includes several phases. Phase One would consist of commentary and dialogue regarding the majority of vanilla and DLC quests, with various character arcs and themes explored throughout. Later phases will potentially include interaction with other quest and new lands mods, with an eye toward the future of the Beyond Skyrim project, as a candidate for interactions and additional commentary.

Q: Are there any other mods that you have created or participated in the creation of besides Lielle?

A: A number of mods that were later integrated into Lielle as aforementioned Arcane Research quests. One notable example being the Magethorn Staves mod.

Q: What would you say is your favorite mod out of all you have used so far, outside of Lielle, or any other mods you have made or participated in?

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A: It’s very difficult to give a singular, definitive answer to this, as the Skyrim modding community is so filled with talent that I would be remiss to not acknowledge everyone who has contributed. That said, I think special recognition goes to EnaiSainon for giving us a collection of mods that fit so seamlessly into the base game that it’s easy to forget they’re installed until they’re not. More recently, I’ve been blown away by DServant’s Combat Gameplay Overhaul+, for the fantastic changes it makes to combat and movement.

Q: Now for a few more general questions to bring this interview to a close. What is your favorite game to play, outside of Skyrim?

A: I have a special weakness for engineering puzzles. Games like Factorio, Satisfactory, and modded Minecraft hold a place in my heart for making me twist my brain into knots trying to figure out how to get from <resource A> to <product Z>.

Q: Stand with Isran and your fellow Dawnguard, or stick with the Volkihar Clan to lead vampires into a glorious new age of darkness?

A: I’ve always been more inclined to stand with the Dawnguard, but I now realize that I have never actually completed the Volkihar side of that particular DLC. Perhaps this is something I need to do, at some point.

Q: Knock down the old walls of Windhelm with General Tulius and the Imperials, or chase them out of Skyrim through Pale Pass with Galmar and the Stormcloaks at your side?

A: Long live the Empire! (And down with the Thalmor!)

Q: If Todd Howard handed you all of Bethesda's assets in order to allow you to make one change or addition to Skyrim, anything you want, what one thing would you do?

A: Dragon dance party as a reward for completing the main quest. This is a no-brainer.

Q: Thanks for agreeing to take on this interview redrew89, do you have final comments or anything you would like to mention before we close this interview up?

A: Thank you for considering me for this interview! And, thanks to all of you who have downloaded and endorsed Lielle on Nexus Mods!

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That's the end of the interview for today, and courtesy due to redrew89 for being willing to be interviewed. I'll be having plenty of additional modding interviews in the future, so keep an eye out please. As well, if you are a mod author who wants to be interviewed, please message me on Reddit, or on the Nexus under "B35Patriot" if you want to work something out. You can contact me on my Discord here, if anyone wants to ask me questions, request an interview, or just hang out and talk through this link:

Lielle- Rose of the North:

u/redrew89's Modding Page:

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