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Basic Dungeon-Running Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Tips and tricks on how to be a team player and achieve success in Dungeon Finder groups.


  • First off, with the recent health changes, everyone is effectively a tank. So feel free to queue as one regardless of your build.
  • DW / Bow or Destro / Destro are very common weapon choices nowadays.
  • You have 2 options when it comes to taunting tactics:
    • Taunt nothing and get upset when someone else resets it, or
    • Taunt but always let it drop off for at least 5-10 seconds before reapplying it.
  • Never keep the boss still. High movement fights are good practice for the group, and it also tests your teammates’ sustain, as they will have to recast their abilities constantly.
    • Kiting the boss around the perimeter of the area is a great tactic here. Zig-zag patterns are also often used.
  • If you for some reason are keeping the boss in one spot, make sure to always have it facing the rest of the group, especially any squishy players. They need to be made aware of their squishiness.
  • Charge through all trash pulls without taunting anything and leave the rest of your group behind to deal with it.
  • Don’t stack enemies together. The DPS have AoEs for a reason.
    • If you’re a DK, Dragon Leap is a great ability for making sure everything is spread out.
  • Don’t use shields or self heals. Your group has a healer for a reason.
  • Don’t bother with War Horn. You have better uses of your ultimate (such as Dragon Leap).
    • If you do choose to run it, make sure you overlap it with the healer’s to stack those buffs.
  • Always blame someone else when you die, be it the healer for lack of heals or the DPS for not keeping up and killing stuff fast enough.
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Bonus tip for content with multiple tanks:

  • Assert your dominance by frequently overriding the other tank’s taunt.


  • You might have heard that healers are supposed to have heals slotted. However, if you run through the Dungeon Finder enough times, you’ll see that it’s completely optional.
    • Buffing the group is also totally optional. You're a player, not the Trial dummy.
  • Restoration staves are useless and just slow your group down.
  • Purge is too expensive, so don’t bother with it. The DPS need to learn to suck it up or not get affected by negative effects in the first place.
  • Don’t bother with Orbs or Shards; if you can’t get your own synergy, then nobody else gets it, either.
  • Breath of Life is the only Templar heal worth using.
    • Instant burst-heals in general are the way to go, as heal over time abilities are often very magicka-draining to keep up and running.
    • Echoing Vigor is also a great ability because it costs stamina, leaving your magicka for you to cast damaging abilities with.
  • Always make sure that the little Olorime ring gets placed at the tank’s feet.
  • Stand right next to the tank – or, better yet, between the tank and the boss. This allows you to better see and heal the tank or better see and damage the boss, depending on which route you’re going.


  • Technically speaking, “DD” (“Damage Dealer”) is the proper term for this role, but many people simply call them “DPS” (“Damage per Second”) because clearly their only worth is how much damage they can do.
    • Ability to play mechanics and follow instructions is useless as a DPS, so don’t even bother with those things.
    • Situational Awareness / being able to pay attention to what’s happening around you is equally unimportant.
    • You are always more important than anyone else, even the other DPS, so act like it.
  • The secret to high damage and mechanical avoidance is to never. stop. moving. Run all around, bounce off the walls, make loops around each of your teammates. Backtrack and feint frequently.
    • An equally viable alternative tactic is to stand very still and parse. No amount of mechanics or lost health should move you.
  • Standing in red is perfectly acceptable. That’s why you have a healer.
  • Healers who tell you that they can’t heal you through one-shots are just being lazy.
  • Try your best to always remain either behind or out-of-range of the healer to ensure they’re paying attention.
  • Keep all player-harming AoEs in group at all times so that everybody can easily see where they're at.
  • Always target the boss and only the boss; ignore everything else, the others can deal with it.
  • Never stop to rez a teammate. Your own personal damage output is far more important.
  • People tell you to light attack weave, but light attack spamming is obviously the true end game. Just look at how cost-effective it is! It does wonders for your sustain! That’s why you see so many people standing in the corner LAing everything to death.
  • Be sure to put the tank in their place via always running ahead and making a mess of all adds.
  • Swords and shields make amazing weapons. That first active ability under the One Hand and Shield skill line in specific does a ton of damage – just ask the DPS that I ran with last week.
  • Queueing time feeling slow? Go ahead and queue as a tank.
  • If you ever see a DPS who is clearly new and doesn’t know what they’re doing, make sure you degrade them. Killing their confidence is key.
    • Getting them kicked for daring to queue in the Dungeon Finder is also a great idea, especially if your group got into an easy dungeon such as normal Fungal Grotto I.
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Let us know which tips and tricks helped you out the most, or if you have any of your own to add!



(And just in case there was any doubt — this entire thing is a joke in honor of April 1st. All of these things are things we've seen in PUG groups, and they're all awful. Please don't do any of the above!)


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