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Beginner Modding Help- Adjusting Food Hunger Values in SSEEdit (USSEP + Survival Mode Conflict)

Content of the article: "Beginner Modding Help- Adjusting Food Hunger Values in SSEEdit (USSEP + Survival Mode Conflict)"

Hello once again!

I’m back with another post since I’m so new modding. Context and then important info listed below. No mod list because this is a well known issue between these two mods and nothing else in my mod list deals with food.


I noticed in game and read online that USSEP messes with the hunger values placed on food in the Survival Mode CC mod. I know most will just tell me to dump Survival Mode, but I already bought it and I enjoy how streamlined it all is compared to other more popular free mods. I’m wondering how I could go about editing and/or fixing the hunger values with SSEEdit myself, since none of the mods I’ve installed have worked to fix the problem.

The Creation Club Content Patches don’t seem to do anything regarding the hunger values and Reasonable/Lenient Survival was mentioned in one forum to fix it, but that only changed the food value of an item that already has one. That being the carrot. The goddamn carrot went from a hunger value of “2” to “40”. All other mods that I’ve read about in countless forums are hidden or deleted, citing that the Creation Club Content Patches do what I need already, but clearly they don’t.

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I’d rather not have a playthrough where I’m only eating carrots and while I do plan to play as a vampire (and I’ve tested that feeding as a vampire refills my hunger, as well as feeding as a werewolf) I don’t want to have to bite a neck every 10min in real time.

—Important Info—

I want to use SSEEdit to fix the hunger values if possible. In SSEEdit I can see the effect “Survival_FoodRestoreHunger etc etc” and its magnitude is set to 0.00000. Based on the health effect being 1.00000 I would assume changing the value of the hunger effect’s magnitude to 250 (for example) would set the hunger value in game to 250, but that didn’t work when I tried it. Is that the wrong value to change or would this change need to be made in all mods affecting hunger values for it to take effect? Or is SSEEdit unable to fix this issue? If so how would I go about fixing it?

Best case scenario is I spend an afternoon fixing the values myself in USSEP, Survival Mode, and/or Creation Club patches.

Worst case scenario is I go with a hardcore vampire playthrough and keep a follower around to feed on constantly. Basically the only reason I would have a follower tbh (I wonder if I could feed on the Dremora Butler…? Just summon and feed done and done lol). Immersion-wise I guess not being able to eat human food would make sense, but I’d rather fix this if I can.

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Thanks in advance.


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