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Beginner needs Modlist recommendation

Content of the article: "Beginner needs Modlist recommendation"

Hey there!
So, a friend of mine gifted me Skyrim SE after hearing that I never played it before.
Ingame, I messed around a bit, but I didn't really enjoy the graphics (I know its 9 years old or something) and neither the gameplay (Heavy attacks give zero feedback).

Now, I noticed that there is quite a big modding community for Skyrim and there are supposed to be tons of useful mods to basically completely overhaul the whole game. I too watched one or two MXR Mods videos and I quite enjoyed what I saw. But I don't really have the time to get invested into all of this and also I don't want the stress of manually installing single mods for single re-textures.

So I wanted to ask here if anyone could be so kind and recommend me a list of Mods that will overhaul the game with most focus on the following:

Graphics (World, Weapons, Armor & Weapons, Skin)

Maybe a music/sound mod

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I heard there was a "loose 3rd person" camera mod, does it exist?

subtle Gameplay changes (not necessary, but everything that could polish the game would be highly appreciated)

Maybe an NPC Mod (New/Better NPC´s)

And is there a Mod that gives me a fancy Weapon/Armor pack that I can just equip and use for the entirety of this game (ik it sounds like an anti-gameplay wish, but it would be cool)

lastly, any mods that u personally can recommend that could improve the experience for a first-timer that looks for a casual (not necessarily vanilla) experience.

I intend to use NexusMods Vortex app, as it seems to make the installation of mods super easy.
Big Mods that change a lot in one are appreciated.

Also, my specs (if they are important, I sadly have no clue):
Ryzen 2600 6 core



200GB of free storage (max mod size of around 100-150 would be appreciated)

Thank you so much to anyone that would help me out!!!

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(If there's a link to a (in your opinion) very good video that does exactly that, pls share with me, I could only find some with hundreds of mods or made you manually install everything into files…)

Also, after installing Mods into Vortex, do I just enable them and run Skyrim SSE from steam? Thank you so much!!!


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