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Best advice I can give for those wanting to get better at pvp

Content of the article: "Best advice I can give for those wanting to get better at pvp"

I’ve been playing for a couple years and all I really do is pvp. One thing I’ve noticed when people are asking questions and learning to pvp is they are concentrating to much on “builds”. Now your build is important and a good build will improve your performance, but it is no where near as important as play skill, and playing in a way that complements your play style. You could have the “best build possible,” if there is such a thing; but if it doesn’t fit your play style you are going to feel very clunky. I’ll give you a good example. I play all the classes but main mag dk. Different Mag DKs can play in very different ways. I’m more comfortable playing destro/ restro staff. Some like sword and shield but I always feel clunky with a shield and would rather prevent damage by being mobile and out pressuring my opponents to keep them on the D. Every time I try a set up with a shield I spend all this gold and mats setting up a shield build and end up not liking it. I can still do ok but I’m not nearly as fluent as I am with the play style I’m used to and like using better. Not that one way is better then the other, it’s just about finding the one that WORKS FOR YOU. And you will probably hear your favorite content creators say that line because it’s true. Then you can design your build around your play style.

Now that we understand that we can start to min-max your gear in a way that compliment your style. It will save you a lot time and gold in the long run if you do it this way.

  • last point- with that said, Trying other play styles isn’t bad. Sometime if you are having trouble beating a certain set up playing with it can teach you it’s weakness or how to counter its strengths. And trying other styles you might find one you like better but play they style you feel most comfortable with. I promise you can have just as effective as a setup as meta builds in a style that’s comfortable for you if you take the time to figure it out.


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