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Best fitting ending for my char – VIGILANT (SPOILER)

Content of the article: "Best fitting ending for my char – VIGILANT (SPOILER)"

So i'm in act 4 and i'm having an incredibile blast. I'm roleplaying as dragonborn but i Just got the crown cerimony fronte greybeards, not progressed the Quest with Delphine. Instead i spent some times beeing a Slave in AHO, and then in outlaw and revolutionaries i meet Molag Bal the first time in the sam's questline. Then i travelled to Evermore (beyond reach) only to achive the time of knight of Evermore. Then, back to Skyrim, i played the vigilant quest in 3dnpc and now i'm completing vigilant. As you can understand, i have a massive load order (i'm over 900 plugins and 300 esp/esl) and i'm planning to continue this run for another month or so. After vigilant i'm going to play the main quest, then probably the dlcs (even if i know it's Better to play dawnguard before vigilant), and then Unslaad. At this point i'll still have to do Bruma, quaxe quaestorium and other stuff.

Beeing a such massive run, the result of years spent modding the game and understanding how to make the things run togheter, i'd like to keep consistence in the playtrought. So i searched for the various ending of Vigilant and i decided that i'll go for the true ending or the "worst/Molag Bal" ending.

Reasons: i'm roleplaying as an alessian crusader (wintersun). I choose this route in order to be able to make eroic stuff while still beeing edgy and somewhat evil.

With the "worst" ending i can pretend that everything in coldharbour happened in a sort of dragon break, a different reality where the alessian order Is damned, as opposite to the actual timeline where Alessia Is a real saint. You have the Molag Bal flashback and then you're back to nirn, the Battle in coldharbour goes on and you prevented the invasion of aetherius (in case, i will achive this ending by eating the heart of Bal).

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On the other hand, with the true ending you are allowed to go in aetherius before coming back to nirn. It's way more heroic and set up the setting for future quests and battles (It makes sense to me that after defeating Molag bal you Will be willing to join the dawnguards in order to slay even more vampires). But there's the Little problem of the alessian order beeing damned XD

So, which route would you consider more fitting?


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