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Beyond Reach – Performance boost suggestions?

I have no clue why I'm the only one with this issue – I've searched for a similar thread multiple times, and somehow no one had problems on the performance side with the mod. The only little tidbit I managed to find was "Beyond Reach has busy landscapes", hence possible fps drop.

I've finished the mod once and honestly, I'm completely in love with the setting and how the Reach on the side of High Rock was presented, including it's overall dark tone. In spite of it's somewhat unfinished quality at times, I had a great time with it and I really want to go through it again.

But when I think about this damn 15-25fps, often lower in cities, and constant stutter ruining the experience for me – I think I just might bite the bullet and give up on the mod. This is really strange, because in actual Skyrim province, I run Noble Skyrim textures, Majestic Mountains, aMidianborn texture packs, a whole bunch of npc and other weapon / armour texture replacers and I get stable 50-60fps. At times lower in cities, but that's to be expected (Dawn of Skyrima and JK's Skyrim merged, lite version). My graphics card is too potato for ENB, but with everything above mentioned and more (SMIM, VW, Physics mods and such) it gets the job done well enough. So it's just baffling to me why Beyond Reach would stand as such a stark contrast when it comes to fps. For instance the first city (village / hamlet?) you get to, the Divide. Just looking at that thing from one end of the bridge to the other utterly destroys my fps. Arnima and Evermore are the same. Even out in the world it's still a problem.

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But, to the actual question:

Are there any solutions that you guys could suggest to improve performance? I've tried turning the resolution down to 1280×720, it did help a bit, but not enough. I've tried lowering shadow quality, hell – I even considered editing the whole mod in CK by removing some random objects from the world manually, although that not only would be extremely time consuming, but also stand a risk of breaking some in game events and quests. Maybe if I were to disable most of the texture / mesh mods in the load order, like Noble Skyrim, SMIM, weapon / armour textures? But then, I don't think all of the assets in the mod are affected by the retexture mods, like architecture and so on. So it may as well make no difference.

I'd really appreciate some suggestions, because right now I'm at wits end.


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