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Beyond Skyrim: Bruma appers to have an update.

I was doing my daily routine of checking here, checking to see if Abandoned Temple on moddb has *any* changes, then checking Nexus on mods by "recent activity"…

and I see that Beyond Skyrim: Bruma seems to have had a update to v1.4.0 today…

Note that I have absolutely no connection with Beyond Skyrim except for as a player and I suppose possibly a public domain mesh or 3.


  • Overview:
  • lots of quest fixes
  • lots of dialogue and voice line fixes
  • lots of asset fixes
  • lots of level design fixes
  • voiced bard songs
  • facegen updates
  • lod updates
  • reimplemented combat and discovery music in BSAssets for future compatibility
  • restructured BSAssets for compatibility with future Beyond Skyrim releases
  • regenerated DLC patch
  • Quests:
  • fix for alammus veil start failing if you exit dialog
  • fix for beggar not leaving if you refuse reward, wont work if already reached this stage
  • disabled renod quest bandits after quest complete, wont work if already reached this stage
  • fixed whispers of mountain zombie respawning
  • fixed prison guard stuck standing around after final scene in stormcloak in chains
  • fixed dumrag failing to advance quest if anything blocks his way in the house
  • improved quest behaviour if you choose to get renod a job but change your mind
  • fixed persuade options that could be abused for speech skill gain
  • fixed Ugly Love Manor Guard attacking
  • fixed Ugly Love missing ending option
  • fixed not being able to start Ugly Love after refusing it once
  • fixed WE with Noble not giving you gold after intimidation
  • the bounty collector no longer is a-comin'
  • fixed border gate legionnaire option appearing if you aren't in the legion
  • choosing to follow Hadvar in Helgen no longer lets you cross the border gate as an Imperial
  • Dialogue:
  • fixed typos
  • matched many subtitles with voice acting
  • fixed missing voice files
  • fixed some voice lines being too quiet
  • fixed wrong dialog conditions preventing lines from playing
  • general dialog fixes
  • Assets:
  • collisions block were pointing at the root bsfadenode instead of their parent NiNode
  • move lots of meshes to new filepaths
  • updated farmhouse fences
  • fixed farmhouse mesh
  • fixed collision for bruma stairs
  • fixed some gaps in the Frostcrag Spire collision
  • fixed gaps in ayleid tileset
  • fixed Bruma walls collision being too far back
  • fixed collision problems and closed a bunch of gaps
  • fixed Somnalius ferns giving off a red spotlight
  • fixed CyrTreeRedwood missing branch tip texture
  • fixed ayleid containers displayed in the wrong place
  • fixed microscopes doesn't havok settle
  • fixed model issue with CYRBRumaUpperClassHome01 chimney
  • fixed texture flickering in the basement of Icewind Traders
  • fixed arrow root ingredient can't be picked up and doesn't havok settle
  • fixed ladybugs sound like coins when they drop on the ground
  • fixed servant's pie can't be picked up
  • fixed uninteractable welkynd and varla stones
  • Level Design:
  • lots of level design fixes everywhere
  • fix some dungeons not being marked as cleared properly
  • disabled some coffins by default
  • Misc Fixes:
  • many load screen fixes (frequency, model position, new models)
  • fixed typo in Rielle note
  • fixed mispellings of legate precilius varro
  • fixed typo breaking bounty letter formatting
  • fixed the skyrim report part IV incorrect Legion numbering
  • fixed invinsible chainmail helm for orcs
  • removed keywords that cause vanilla quests to point to outside bruma play area
  • removed armour keyword from some clothing
  • fixed mountain lion pelt to leather crafting conditions
  • fixed untemperable Heavy Iron Cuirass
  • fixed chainmail armor crafting
  • fixed house with wrong key assigned to it
  • attempted fix for flying skeleton
  • fixed values of eastern dwemer weapons to consistent ones
  • fix alchemical effect "Light" not working because of null hit shader
  • prevent treasure map to respawn
  • fixed boars not dropping loot
  • fixed catching a lady bug give you a bee
  • removed an unused duplicate of the Frostcrag Spire exterior
  • fixed bruma castle great hall cell ownership
  • Misc Tweaks:
  • gave all ayleid containers proper name
  • slight buff for silver tooth goblins
  • renamed silver tooth 2nd cell
  • doubled bounty quest gold reward
  • buffed few boss monsters
  • buffed few quest bosses with various items, perks and potions
  • made renods house never give trespass bounty
  • cyrodiil deers now drop their own deer pelt variations
  • added few additional welkynd and varla stones in ayleid ruins
  • added more idle markers to greenwood so the npcs dont compete for the chopping block

edit. appears. yes I know how it's spelled. my keyboard is flakey. sorry.


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