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The type of Daedra Baron Zaudrus (from the Cauldron in Flames of Ambition) is part of are called Havocrels, they are described as being as tall as a Frost Giant and twice as broad and having crimson skin.

Havocrels are rarely seen or summoned, and never as part of vast armies like Dremora or Skaafin, they are by nature solitary (said to prefer isolation) and are said to detest the company of others of their own kind. A summoned Havocrel (Xeacus) says of other Havocrels: Gather two in a room and watch the tension build. Bring three of us together and blood will flow. Four Havocrel in the same location and you might as well call it a war.

Xeacus in particular is said to live in a palace of frozen magicka when not fulfilling a bargain, though he won't explain what he means by that.

Havocrels appear to be mercenaries, they do not consider the Daedric Princes or other greater Daedra they work for to be their masters, but rather contractees to whom they exchange their services for a fee.

Xeacus is currently a leader in the armies of Mehrunes Dagon, he's been promised something of great value in return but we don't know what it is.

All Havocrels are blind, Xeacus says that a curse is upon them but refuses to explain further. Havocrels also appear to be able to accurately perceive their surroundings using magic (Xeacus knows where the scholar, the cultist and even the ritual circle binding him, are).

Xeacus convinces the scholar to erase part of the circle, leaving him free to kill the cultist, but he lets the scholar leave freely.

Many blame the Argonians for killing the Kothringi, believing the Knahaten Flu was engineered as a weapon for just such a purpose.

The Argonian author, Geem-Shah of the Naka-Desh Tribe, says that the Kothringi and the Argonians had a strong bond (the Argonians of the tribes around the Kothringi village Geem-Shah knew could move among them freely, and would even be invited for feasts and celebrations) and recounts a number of fond memories of his childhood.

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The Kothringi are described as having a strong connection to music, music appears to have been a defining element of their culture (Geem-Shah says that the music is what he remembers above all else, shimmering songs without end).

Their tree cutters turned hollow logs into wamasu-sized drums, they plucked the sinew from cliffstriders to make low humming bow harps and the instruments they loved best were their chimes.

The Kothringi rarely wore clothes, but they'd wear bits of metal on thin strands of rope that tinkled and jangled as they walked.

Geem-Shah says of the Kothringi village smith he knew as a child that he'd smith chimes of all kinds, intent on taming every sound that metal could make.

His most vivid memory is of the great singing cypress, a tree wrapped in the smith's chimes, used as a musical instrument with the help of his family, who'd leap from root to branch like sure-footed treefrogs, tapping the chimes with their song-sticks.

The song is said to have been so beautiful it drove many Argonians and Kothringi to joyful tears. Geem-Shah's ending remark is that the Argonians couldn't have killed the Lustrous Folk, as no child of the Hist would destroy something so beautiful.

The Kothringi are said to have had great reverence for Dibella, and to have even viewed her as their special patron (perhaps their foremost deity), this belief is said to be partly responsible for Gideon having a strong tradition of Dibella worship.

Relations between Argonians and the Lilmothiit however, are described in less positive terms, the majority of Argonians in the village described are said to have been unable to trust/unwilling to approach even a Lilmothiit child, as the Lilmothiit and their tricks were too well remembered.

The fox-folk appear to have been viewed as tricksters of a sort, even after travelling with the Lilmothiit Kzaar for some time, the Argonian Jee-Tee is still worried she's being led to a trap.

The Lilmothiit, Kzaar can find his tribe's camp site by following near invisible signs of where people had walked in the soil and vegetation, and takes off to find them on his own after realizing they'd moved camp.

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Kzaar gifts Jee-Tee with some sort of medicinal paste said to clear all illness, she takes it back to her village believing it will cure an illness that has made affected much of her tribe ill and is beyond the ability of their healers to cure.

The Riverbacks, or Naka-Desh Tribe, are said to have wide faces, large eyes and broad webs adorning their forearms and throats,they can float to the surface of the water like turtles or crocodiles.

This is said to be because the Hist provides the right skin at the right time, the Argonian form changes to adapt to the environment in the area surrounding each tribe's Hist, and many variations exist as a result.

Depending on the period of the year, large parts of Blackwood become submerged underwater. A number of of the Blackwood tribes use the ruins in the region for refuge (Blackwood is filled with all sorts of ruins), one tribe, the Hutsleel or Red-Dream People, do the same and have their own traditions related to doing so.

They'll gather objects from around the ruin, sprinkle some sort of powder over them, and drink a specific sap-brew. This apparently allows the Hutsleel to dream over the objects and learn their stories, a practice described as harvesting.

The practice is said to bring the tribe a valuable sense of place, and they'll incorporate the objects in their daily lives in creative ways.

The Topal Bay is said to have a large pirate problem, even before the Empire's collapse, Leyawiin would constantly request the aid of the Imperial court (and be ignored).

Councilor Lovidicus describes a number of fearsome pirates: Ashasa Three-Claw, who has spies everywhere along the Pellitine coast and controls gangs from Rimmen down to the ruins of Senchal and crews a dozen small coasters, Voldar who intends to raid Leyawiin itself, the Argonian Behemoth who captains the Blue Wamasu (a large galleon that grapples it's prey with ballistae), and the Sea Witch Gjargrida, whose magic controls sea and wind.

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Blackwood is home to Marsh Giants, arboreal titans said to be spirits of nature somewhat similar to Spriggans, they protect the local environment by intervening to ensure it's continued development (they till the soil, fell dead trees to make room for younger vegetation, encourage the growth of vital mosses, depress the development of invasive fungus, encourage avian diversity by warding off feral cats and other predators, and they also hinder loggers, miners, and other tradesfolk from harming the pristine marsh landscape).

Marsh Giants are said to be manifestations of some primeval guardian of nature, this being, whoever it might be, appears to be hostile to the Hist.

The Hist are said to have a long and bitter rivalry with this being, and to urge Argonians to give it's intermediaries, the Marsh Giants, a wide berth as a result.

What are your thoughts ? On the solitary Havocrels ? The Kothringi and Lilmothiit and their relations to Argonians ? the position of Dibella in Kothringi society ? Argonian adaptation to their environment and the tribes of Blackwood ? The Marsh Giants and this mysterious primeval guardian that appears to be an enemy of the Hist ?


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