The Elder Scrolls

Brairheart Geis and Valdr’s lucky dagger unenchantable

Is there a mod I need to download or delete to get them disenchantable?

This is my mod list:

Unofficial skyrim special edition Patch

Cutting Room Floor

Lore-based loading screens

Belt-fastened Quivers

Ars Metallica

Relationship dialogue overhaul

Rich merchants of Skyrim

Phenderix magic evolved

50% more Perk points

Books of Skyrim

Cheat Room

Immersive citizens AI overhaul

Disable God rays

ICS enchantments unleashed

Insignificant object remover

Knapsack backpacks

Hold border banners

Drop all the quest items

Spell amnesia

Be a milk drinker special edition

The notice board

Proper aiming

Disenchanting overhaul

Turija sliced bread

Hold capitals morthal

Faster arrows!

The choice is yours

Buy business

TLS FPS ultimate

Smelt down lite

Mortal enemies special edition

Just give up already

I didn't see Nuthin'

Winterhold gate

H. A. S. T. E.

Character creation overhaul

Dynamic skill progression

Diverse races and genders

Off shoulder third person combat camera

Dragons have more health

Genuinely intelligent soul trapping

Fine silver swords

Power/Shout eraser

Improved close face helmets

Skyrim magic system completed

Aesthetic elves

Been notice board better solstheim quests

Bosmeri cuisine

GET immersive cheats

We don't float

Improved black-briar mercenaries

Evan's conjure tools

Accurate Thalmor equipment

Character editor all-in-one

Clanking armor

Lower weapon expansion by Insanity sorrow

Head tracking fully scripted

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Guards attack hostiles

Lightly populated settlements

World encounters overhaul

Believable weapons

RDO aft patch

Amazing follower tweaks

Civil War uniform

Civil War ambushes

Forsworn skin changers

Unlimited training

Civil War quartermasters

Realistic conversations

Minimalistic faiths of Skyrim

Carriage stops of Skyrim

Weapons of clutter

Doug's not assassins

Dovahkiin can relax

Civil War refugees

Werewolf loot

Imperious race of Skyrim

Immersive civil War units

Foggy morthal and swamp

Forms of Skyrim more crops

Obsidian weathers and seasons

Narrative loot

Apple trees in Skyrim

More wooden bridges

Pesto map markers

Immersive farms

Civil War aftermath special edition

Provincial courier service

Male face textures by den 987

Creative start live another life

Realistic and balance ingredient harvesting


Organic Skyrim cities

Organic Skyrim landscapes

Cooking it in inns and taverns

Hunting and leather work overhaul

Armored Empire


Falling leaves removed

No more 85% resistance cap

Summermist enchantments of Skyrim A Greener Skyrim

High poly hair

Oblivion HUD

Capable Housecarls

Imperial Post by Narue

Wildcat combat of Skyrim

High poly project by lucidAPS

Dead body collision fix Xbox one

No spinning death animation

Apocalypse magic of Skyrim

Realistic water two

Phenderix dynamic summons

Phenderix magic sounds improved

Ultimate Skyrim music replacer

Artefake's USSEP

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IA92's enchanting without restrictions


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