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Build ideas: Dante from Devil May Cry

Hello Reddit! So I'm coming to you because I'm stumped… why am I stumped you ask?

Well I've been working on a build that's a theme… a theme around Dante from Devil May Cry. Is the build viable in end game content? Nooooo…? But it's good enough for solo play and it's honestly a blast and fun. But… I'm stuck.

How am I stuck? Perk wise for skills… I've run out of ideas for my two bars. So to clarify what I have… and I'll explain why for a few of these…

  • Imperial – Dante is meant to keep going and never stop, and Imperial lets him do that with the benefits of slapping away with his sword and to keep going along with all the passives.
  • Nightblade – Primarily taken because in DMC3, Dante gained the ability to summon a shadow clone of himself which fought along side him when used. So I figured Summon Shade would fit that perfectly.
  • Fighter – The main reason is Dante is a Demon hunter, so… what's the next best thing? How about the guild who revolves around hunting the supernatural. On top of that… the Silver Bolt hand crossbow is a good sub for his usual handguns.
  • Psijic – Primarily the only reason I wanted to use this was to replicate, again in DMC3… his ability Time Stop. Where he… stops time. Which is a skill in the Psijic skill line that I'm… still working on… it sucks to level up.
  • Werewolf – Primarily this was BEFORE the Vampire/Necromancer updates, and I wanted a Devil Trigger transformation, so I went with Werewolf. And I honestly think I'll stay with it cause the Vampire TF is… okay, but not suited for the build fully, Dante is about power and it doesn't really give power. But the Werewolf does.
  • Two-Handed Sword – His primary weapon of choice is always Rebellion. So of course gotta have that and some two handed skills in there.
  • Heavy Armor Focus – The main reason I picked this over Medium, is because Dante is pretty tanky… he can take a hit and keep on going, and the passives of Heavy help you do that.
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Okay so that was my… intentional set up so far. But it's not fully complete, and I'm struggling to think of what I want to do fully for both the main and off bars. Gear wise and all that I'm not fully worried about right now…

I thought about adding in some Undaunted skills like Blood Alter, or the off bar being Duel Swords cause he does do that in DMC3- he does use various other weapons in all the games, so I thought about it.

He's not a heavily focused Magic character, more Stamina and HP… with a little magic for some skills.

Outside of that, I'm stumped for what else I'm gonna do… and honestly I'd like opinions and ideas of what might fit/maaaaybe more viable? Not a priority but set up wise I'm struggling to fill out the bar beyond what I thought of… else I'd just have a bar full of Two Handed sword skills.


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