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So I am not neccesarily new to skyrim modding, but this has been the first time that I've had a problem which I really can't seem to solve (permanently). It has to do with my camera after a new playthrough. I don't know why it started, but I do know when.

So everything was going great until I came at the Companions fighting the Giant scene, near Whiterun. I noticed that one of the companions body was clipping through her armor so I closed my game and rebuild my bodyslide files. When I came back, my third person camera was about halfway down my characters body, which bugged me so I again restarted my game. However when I did the camera was fully in the ground, like clipped in the ground. I could see both under the ground and above the ground and the partially visible feet of my character. I could walk around and crouch, even enter other cells, but i couldn't sit on benches or something. And the first person cam was totally fine! No matter where I reloaded or how many times I restarted the game, it didn't go away. I couldn't find anyone having the same issue, but I did find something similar regarding a mod called undeath remastered and something with a horse. (https://www.reddit.c…_floor_in_lich/ %C2%A0) The problems there are similar to mine in terms of the camera in the ground. I can't attach my screenshots but in the links provided they do have some and mine look exactly the same.

Both of them speak about the XPM32 skeleton (The horse one also about Joy Of Perspective, but I don't have that mod), so I decided to reinstall that, as well as CBBE, 3BBB and the Bodyslide tool and rebuild all those files, which fixed it! So I played for about 2 hours and then quit because I had other things to do.

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But sadly enough when I opened it up again, the issue returned. I haven't changed anything about my mods or game in the meantime, so I was confused, what is doing this to my game? I really don't feel like reinstalling those mods every damn time I wanna play skyrim. 🙁

here is my modlist:


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