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Can someone please help me?

Content of the article: "Can someone please help me?"

My game randomly CTD on certain area's and it's never consistent so finding out what the issue is is impossible for me.

here is my mod list. (I have cleaned all dirty edits and applied loot and still get CTD's)

"DLC: HearthFires"

"DLC: Dragonborn"

"DLC: Dawnguard"



"Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"


"Improved Bandits – A Complete Bandit Overhaul"

"Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim"

"Realistic AI Detection SE (better sneaking)"

"Address Library for SKSE Plugins"

"Armor Rating Rescaled SKSE Remake"

"A Matter of Time – A HUD clock widget"


"FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts – FISSES"

"Immersive Patrols SE"

"Run For Your Lives"

"VioLens – A Killmove Mod SE"

"PapyrusUtil SE – Modders Scripting Utility Functions"

".NET Script Framework"

"JContainers SE"

"Interior Floating Fog Remover"

"Real Poison"

"Human-like Khajiit Eyes"


"Improved closefaced helmets"

"Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition"

"Skyrim Immersive Creatures – Official Patch and Patch Central"

"Meridia Revoiced SE"

"Follower Trap Safety"

"Skyrim Sewers 4"

"A Quality World Map"

"Rich Skyrim Merchants"

"Splendor – Dragon Variants SE"

"Diverse Dragons Collection SE (DDCse)"

"Immersive Dragons"

"Populated Cities Towns Villages SE Edition"

"Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul"

"Wet and Cold SE"

"Cutting Room Floor – SSE"

"Honed Metal – SSE"

"Zim's Immersive Artifacts V1.6.2_SE"

"Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO SE"

"Better Claws and Gauntlets SSE"

"Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal SE"

"Immersive Weapons"

"Immersive Armors"

"Less Tedious Thieves Guild"

"No Player Fall Damage"

"The Notice Board SE"

"The Notice Board SE MCM"

"iNeed – Food, Water and Sleep"

"Khajiit Speak – Complete Dialogue Overhaul"

"Magical College of Winterhold"

"Khajiit Speak Extended SSE"

"Campfire – Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)"

"Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival"

"Campfire and Frostfall – Unofficial SSE Update"

"True Meeko SE"

"Quiet Dog"

"Wearable Lanterns"

"Wearable Lanterns MCM Fix"

"Deadly Spectral Assassin SE"

"Enhanced Blade of Woe"

"Shiny Creatures – Skyrim Special Edition"

"Mortal Enemies SE"

"Animallica SE – Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul"

"SkyTEST – Realistic Animals and Predators SE"

"SkyTest Mortal Enemies Patch"

"SkyTEST Immersive Creatures"

"SkyTEST Animallica"

"Skyrim 2020 Parallax by Pfuscher"

"Whiterun Stonefloor by Pfuscher"

"Simply Bigger Trees SE – (formerly SkySight SBT)"

"Simply Gay Letters"

"Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and acquire Shadowmere"

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"Better Destroy the Dark Brotherhood Reward"

"Toggle Compass"

"Absolute Arachnophobia"

"Player Voicesets SSE – Temporary upload"

"moreHUD SE"

"Floating Damage"

"Khajiits Steal Too – Caravan Fence Option"

"Mundane and Iron Fist Rings"

"Pickpocketing Chance Cap Increased"

"Immersive Jewelry SSE"

"ApachiiSkyHair SSE"


"Wind Path SSE"

"The Eloquent Reader – True Scholar SE Edition – Increase speech by reading book"

"Better Jumping SE"

"MorrowLoot Ultimate"

"Food Overhaul"

"-GOLD- Gold Overhaul and Loot reDone"

"Narrative Loot"

"All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently"

"KS Hairdos SSE"

"Critical Correction"

"Better Treasury House"

"Undiscovered Means Unknown"

"Armor Rating Redux SE – No Cap – Better Formula – Morrowind-like"

"Essentials Ragdoll on Knockdown"

"ESO Books"

"Player Size Adjuster and First Person Camera Height Fix SSE"

"Inventory Functions SE"

"Custom Difficulty UI"

"Alchemist Compendium"

"Immersive World Encounters SE"

"People are Strangers"

"Book Covers Skyrim"

"Book Covers Skyrim – Lost Library"

"Realistic Death Physics – No Animations"

"Vistant's HD Night Sky SE"

"4K Notice Board"

"Realistic Conversations"


"Multiple Floors Sandboxing"

"Achievements Mods Enabler"

"Loading Screen Smoke Removed"

"Brighter And Infinite Torches"

"OMEGA MLU – Immersive Armors Consistency Patch"

"Static Mesh Improvement Mod"

"UNP Female Body Renewal"

"Better Khajiit female body Texture for UNP and CBBE body"

"Pretty Khajiit SE"

"Grimoas Plantigrade Feet For Beast Races"

"Thri-Kreen Warriors – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Dwarven Threshers- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Giant Scorpions – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Minotaurs – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Giant Mantis – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Zombie Dogs and Skinned Hounds- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Czarts- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE MOD)"

"Water Hags- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Werebats- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Old Gods of the Hunt- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Cyrodilic Minotaurs – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Gravelords- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Rotten Maidens- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Hym- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"War Revenants- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Lords of Necromancy- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

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"Necrophages- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Mountain Lions and Panthers- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Zombies- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Wolves of Cyrodiil – Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Absurdly Luxurious Notched Pickaxe"

"Magic of Tamriel SE"

"Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim"

"Magic Made Useful"

"Forgotten Magic Redone SE"

"Phenderix Magic World – Magic Evolved"

"Finally First Person Magic Animation"

"Magicka Cost Level Scaling"

"Dirt and Blood – Dynamic Visual Effects"

"Improved Follower Dialogue – Lydia"

"Improved Closedfaced Helmets Patches"

"Immersive Fort Dawnguard"

"JK's Skyrim"

"The Marshlands"

"JK'S Skyrim and The Marshlands Patch"

"Realistic Water Two SE"

"Customizable Camera"

"RS Children Overhaul"

"Hearthfire multiple adoptions – Now with custom home support for kids and spouse"

"Mehrunes' Razor better instant kill chance"

"Dagger Shadow"

"Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE"

"Immersive Sounds – Compendium"

"Mimics- Mihail Monsters and Animas (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Giant Centipedes- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT)"

"Real Bosses"

"Ultimate Lore Loading Screen – English and French"

"Creatures of Nirn – Khajiit Alfiq (SSE port)"

"Sneak Tools SE Edition"

"RS Children Overhaul Cutting Room Floor Patch"

"Customizable UI Replacer SkyHUD SE"

"No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) – Updated"

"Dual Wield Improved Animation SSE"

"New Animation for Magic Casting SSE"

"Dynamic Animation Replacer"

"No Blur Effect When Poisoned"

"No more Radial Blur – Performance optimization"

"Enhanced Familiars (Special Edition)"

"Improved Flaming Familiar SE"


"VIGILANT Voiced – English Addon"

"Awakened Magicka"

"Character Creation Overhaul – Races – Birthsigns – Classes – Skills – Specializations – Attributes"

"Faster Skill Leveling 2017 (Special Edition) (Now with Slower Leveling)"

"Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim"

"Character Creation Overhaul Andromeda Patch"

"EVG Animation Variance"

"EVG Conditional Idles"

"DAR – Dynamic Swimming"

"The Forgotten City"

"Take Notes – Journal of the Dragonborn SSE"

"60 FPS Menus – Natural Interface"

"Classic Sprinting Redone (SKSE64)"

"Legendary Skyrim Crossbows and Bows SSE"

"Lind's Black Robes Revamp – Texture Replacer"

"Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE"

"Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE"


"Hunterborn SE MCM"

"Archery for Hunterborn"

"Archery is a Stealth Skill"

"Auriel's Bow HD"

"Auriel's Bow of Light"

"AshAuryn's ULTIMATE Auriel's Bow"

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"Immersive Old Map AIO 1.2"

"Poisoning Extended SE"

"Vivid Weathers – Definitive Edition"

"ENB Helper SE"

"More Rewarding Thieving"

"Dark Brotherhood Rewards"

"Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers"

"OBIS SE – Organized Bandits In Skyrim Special Edition"

"Yggdrasil Music and SoundFX"

"Thieves Guild Bounty Clearer"

"A Cat's Life"

"Subtle Jump"

"UNP Rogue Armor HD SE VO AND VF"

"Treasure Hunter for SSE"

"Stoneheart Jewelry SMP"

"Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul)"

"Beyond Skyrim – Bruma SE"

"Ordinator Beyond Skyrim Patch"

"Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE"

"Unofficial Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch"

"Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Moonpath to Elsweyr Synergy Patch"


"Killable Children SSE"

"Disable Combat Boundary"

"Pick up books simple – With weightless books option"

"Unlimited Amulets and Rings for the Modern Era SE Edition"

"Unlimited Woodwork and Mining"

"Unlimited Weapon Enchant"

"Unlimited Sprinting"

"Faster Sleep Wait (SKSE)"

"Skyrim Unbound Reborn"


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