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Can we do a day of whowouldwin?

Since today generally is a day where the main discussions often shift, I thought it would be a good idea to put some lighter mind clockwork on the table. I've been thinking about my favorite characters and possible matches, I encourage you to do so and we join in making the results

Mine are:

1.Pelinal with an army of CLIFFRACERS (let's say, 10000) trying to dominate an oblivion plane for lets say, a year. Round 1 vs Sheogorath

Round 2 vs Peryite

Round 3 vs Molag Bal

Round 4 vs Dagon

Round 5 PELINAL vs (any) is bloodlusted and each Cliffracer has a bloodlust Jiub on its back

Tried to rank them based on what I think would be the most "conquerable" to least, I had included vile on sheo's place because the land is more or less vaguely transpassable but I remembered it's polluted with Skaafin, maybe shivering isles would be an easier one? dunno

  1. Would a bloodlusted Ebony Warrior posing with a mask as Dagoth Ur in red mountain fare better against the Nerevarine? You might think that this is nonsense but Ebony Warrior feats include:

-Capable use of shouts

-Canonically written to be a higher powered hero than LDB bar it's 100% peak

-Capable use of all magic schools bar illusion, not showed, with peak magick like Command Daedra, Storm Atronach, Ironflesh

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-Going by it's UESP the EW is not pickpocket-able, so I would suggest peak human reflexes and attention

-Top physical capabilities

-Immune to powerful magik like Bend Will Shout, Paralysis, Ice Form Shout, Vampiric Grip

-Immune to powerful daedric magic, wabbajack

-Dagoth ur feats include being old, lunatic and bitter, tired mage and saggy already

Rules: ebony warrior must be wearing a fake dagoth mask and manskirt on top of his set, normal game rules apply. the question is would he fare better, of course peak nerevarine can kill him, but how do they compare? How does peak Nerevarine compare to peak LDB?

  1. Belethor vs Clavicus Vile make a deal and are on a selling competition. Belethor get's to be him for a week, or Clavicus makes belethor sell his sister for all eternity. They have to sell exactly one dragon bone to a commoner, that has to be 100% that he is buying an authentic product. Bone of dragon.

-Round 1 Commoner laughs when one of them says dragon because he does not have newspaper and shakes it off

-Round 2 Commoner has heard a loud noise at night near his farm once, could be a bear shitting too, but better chance

-Round 3 Commoner seen dragon but doesn't want bone because it is cursed, seller has to make the sale anyway

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-Round 4 Commoner interested but has 8 gold coins, one ale, 3 lockpicks and one bowl, Dragon bone is 200 gold, which one would reduce the price first?

Rules: they can't hurt the buyer, clavicus can't summon mind bending to make belethor fuck himself over, they can't deal with each other, are in seperate booths and have separate copies of the same oblivious guy, buyer is not affected by fear, they have to convince. Whoever makes the sale first wins.

4: Velehk Sain the Pirate King of the Abecean, Ysgramor the royal bad boy, Cyrus the Redguard each are tasked with the problem: They have a rainy day to transport a Nord, an Argonian Maid (lusty), and one bottle of skooma to the other side of the river. Their boat can only take one at a time, and they were all sailors at one point, so they can manage a boat pretty well. The Nord can't stay alone with the Argonian, or they will mate and lose the trip. The Argonian can't stay alone with the Skooma, or it will trip itself.

Rules: They can transport one element per crossing, aside from himself in the boat. Who would be the most clever?


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