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Can’t collect items for House of Orsimer Glories

Content of the article: "Can’t collect items for House of Orsimer Glories"

So, I'm trying to finish up the Wrothgar Achievements (and PS4 trophies) except the Maelstrom ones. I was working on the museum items because I cannot find the alleged City Solicitors anywhere – I have discovered that they aren't ever IN the city, but there's nothing at all in the spots various people have marked that they appear. Anyhow, I was working on the museum pieces. I turned in my last set which brought me to 16 and gave me the achievement for 16 of the 20, and the Hero of Wrothgar achievement and its trophy. It also put an arrow over the head of the curator as I was leaving, so I talked to her and got given the quest for Coldwind's skull.

I decided to work down the map to get the last four items, so I got the skull and proceeded to the mad ogre who has no effigy. I hunted all around the area, went online and was told it was under a rock ledge. It wasn't under the obvious rock ledge (with the screens and barrels) and I couldn't find another in the area. I investigated further on the internet and read it was on a barrel. I found a picture of it on top of a barrel under the rock ledge where it simply isn't. (I've rechecked my achievement list several times, and it isn't checked off) I logged out and came back the next day to find that it still wasn't there. I proceeded to Rkindleft and couldn't find the Eye that's supposed to be there, but I might not have looked in the right place. I turned in the skull and quit again because it was late.

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Today I went after the Map of Clans, and I found the carts with the eschatere, and one of the carts has a map visible on it, but it doesn't glitter and I cant interact with it. And the effigy is STILL not on the barrel. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before I started seriously hunting these things, because I had already fought the boss, and I should have noticed the glitter, or just the ice statue on the barrels (I collect everything).

TLDR I'm missing three items from the museum quest and at least two are definitively not where they're supposed to be, one of them for at least a week. Any advice?


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