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So I started a new modded game on the ps4 and everything was fine for the first hour or so. Then I started getting a message saying I cannot save and told me to delete a video or application with the size of 0KB? I'm pretty bad with load orders so I'll post that as well if anyone can help out you'd make my day.

Unofficial skyrim patch

Phenderix magic reloaded pt1 (can't move)

Realm of lorkhan

Kings of hell: behind enemy lines

Forgotten dungeons

Sea of ghosts

The midden expanded

Delves of stone legion

Dragon under whiterun

Trial of stone legion

The great cities by soldierofwar

Iverstead by Ozymandy

Riverwood by Ozymandy

Katos whiterun

More bandit camps by skillest

Increase population towns and settlements

World encounters overhaul

Increase population: militia

Populated skyrim civil war

Lanterns of skyrim

Point the way

H. A. S. T. E

Immersive citizens AI overhaul

Immersive patrols

Hold riders

More college students

Rain and snow fx

Enhanced draw distance

Dense grass

Supreme storms special edition

Surreal lighting

Obsidian mountain fog

Obsidian weathers

ELE interior lighting overhaul

Luminosity lighting overhaul

WATER – water and terrain enhancer

Skyrim is windy

Underwater grass deleted

More blood and gore

Magical college of winterhold

Deus Moons – the castle of miraak

Volgon estate

Whitewind player home

Modified inns city and town

Crypt of the old guard

Hobbiton by ozymandy

The lost akaviri part 1

Woodsmans shack

Alchemists basement

Phenderix magic reloaded pt2

Phenderix elemental fighter

Mage grip spell

Vampires and magic

Werewolf perks expanded

Faster werewolf and vampire transformation

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Faster leveling

Free crafting (no perks/no materials)

Multiple followers

GET no more dead followers

Marry almost anyone

Immersive movement

Immersive movement -smilodon patch

Search and destroy

Rich merchants of skyrim

Instant mastery (ps4 special edition)

Skill up cheat items

Player carry weight increased

A thief's resolve

Fallen trees

Stendarrs beacon enhanced

Free player home hearthfire building materials

Better loot (treasure hunter edition)

Stones of barenziah quest markers

Lore based loading screens

Weightless dragon bones

The bone merchant

Unleveled items

BIG: more kill moves

BIG: ultimate kills

Diverse creatures and bosses

Various dragons

Deadly bosses of skyrim

Skytoxin- dangerous potions

Better horses

Faster horses

Ring of increased carry weight

Ring of cursed sun

Effect the tides

Katana pack

Skyrim vanity kit

Heterochromia complete

Realistic conversations


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