The Elder Scrolls

Cards that Rely on Copies of Itself OR Multiple Copies of Another Card OR Creates Copies

I was hoping you guys could help me put a list together of three types of cards, as the title says.

  1. Cards that rely on (or even just benefit from in some way from) copies of itself.
  2. Cards that benefit from multiple copies of another card or types of cards (i.e. cards with five power, etc.)
  3. Cards that makes copies

Here is the list as I see it, but I'm sure I'm missing some:

Strength — 1. NONE? 2. Salvage, Marauder Chieftain, 3. Raiding Party, Skeever Infestation, Inspiring Stormcloak, Imposter's Mission, Fletcherfly Golum, Markarth Bannerman, Skar Drillmaster,

Intelligence — 1. Nereid Sister 2. NONE? 3. Dark Rebirth, Brilliant Experiment, Gardener of Swords, Exclusive Schemer, Riften Pickpocket, Doppleganger, Theif of Dreams, Therana, Conjuration Tutor, Wispmother, Supreme Atromancer

Willpower — 1. Grey Viper Brigand 2. Defense of Burma, Shrewd Strategist, Hero of Anvil 3. Bedlam, Illusionary Defenses. Scouting Patrol, Alfiq Illusionist, Forward Camp, Pack Wolf, Two Moons Contemplation, Imperial Reinforcements, Kagouti Fabricant, Kwama Queen, Golden Saint, A Land Divided,

Agility — 1. NONE? 2. Awakened Dreamer, Murkwater Savage, Ultimate Heist 3. Baandari Oppurtunist, Morag Tong Aspirant, Ungolim The Listener, Murkwater Guide, Razum Dar, Spider Daedra, Cliff Racer Onslaught, Chuarus Breeding Pit, Nest of Vipers,

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Endurance — 1. Spiny Haj Mota 2. NONE? 3. VvardVark Experiment, Midnight Burial, Prophet of Bones, Arise, Brassillik, Galyn the Conquerer, Hist Grove, Midnight Sweep, Rising of Bones, Boneweaver, Zumong Phoom, Bone Colossus, Waves of the Fallen,

Multcolored — 1. Enchanted Ring, Forerunner of the Past 2. Ascended Sleeper 3. Headless Zombie, Divayaths Experiments, Ayelid Guardian,

Neutral — 1. Gearwork Spider, 2. Ring of Lordship, Skeevation, Training Grounds 3. Slaughterfish Spawning, Battle of Chalman Keep, Prized Chicken, Giant Chicken, Dwarves Colosus, Painted World, Tullius Conscription, Orb of Verimena

Thank you!


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