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Celebrating 1000 endorsements with the release of Spellsiphon 5.0 Beta

Content of the article: "Celebrating 1000 endorsements with the release of Spellsiphon 5.0 Beta"

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank all you awesome people who have supported this mod over the past year and all the fantastic feedback that has been both heartwarming and motivating. Without you, Spellsiphon would never have gotten to version 2.0, let alone 5.0, and it has been a joy to keep developing this passion project knowing it has been tried out by more than 27000 people from around the world on PC and (very surpisingly to me at least) just as many on console.

The climb to 1000 endorsements took a year and I'm glad it didn't go any faster. This pacing has allowed me to keep up with all the feedback, reply to all questions and take all requests into serious consideration without feeling overwhelmed. Many of those requests have made it into the mod over time and I'm very sure it would not be as good as it is today without all your help in analyzing the systems and providing helpful suggestions. So thank you for that as well!

To celebrate this milestone, I've been working on another big patch for you all. Like the other big number patches of the past, it's gone over all the abilities again and looked at ways of making them more fun, deeper, more intuitive or just "feel" better to use. Also like the others, a new core system has been added. 2.0 brought the imbuing of weapons, 3.0 brought the attunement system that replaced residue on enemies and was quickly followed by 3.1 that added the tutorial quest, 4.0 added elemental animation and the gradual unlock system and now 5.0 is adding something i know a lot of people have been waiting for…

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Bound Daggers! Just kidding. Well, actually I'm not, there really are Bound Daggers now, but that's not the main attraction. The big news is… Custom Drawn spells! That's right, you can now choose any elemental Apocalypse, Arcanum, Mysticism, vanilla, you-name-it spell and use it as a World, Life or Death spell with all the combo potential that entails.

All of this is still in Beta so you'll have to wait a little longer to get a guaranteed stable release but for those of you that want this NOW (and are nice enough to be my QA team) go grab 5.0Beta off of Nexus and enjoy! Looking forward to hearing any and all opinions about this patch and maybe not looking forward to, but highly appreciate, any bug reports 😉

Stay safe out there!


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