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CGO and compatibility, looking for a little help

Content of the article: "CGO and compatibility, looking for a little help"

Sorry to make a post on here but I find the knowledge base here more reliable than on nexus forums. And answers much easier to sort ( and be found by others ).

Regarding Combat Gameplay Overhaul i've seen quite a few conflicting answers regarding it's compatibility with different mods.

So i'm currently running Smilodon->Ultimate Combat->Mortal Enemies->Sekiro Block->Ordinator->3PCO->Floating damage->TK dodge as the main things affecting combat. My understanding is the above should all be compatible except Mortal Enemies. If i want something mortal enemies related i'll need to use AIM fix mod. Which is what I would intend to do. TK dodge from what I understand I would just need to assign to a different key and put CGO Roll key somewhere out of the way ( seems good and responsive in 3rd person but I won't be able to handle that first person roll ). And I prefer the step dodge – and setting NPC's to step dodge w/ Ultimate Combat option using TK.

My other question is regarding Animations. I see many posts saying you can use things like Nemesis PCEA and load it up with animations as long as you tweak a couple settings ( not clear which settings currently ). And then others saying it'll break everything in CGO and cause T Poses everywhere. This will probably be a big choice in deciding whether to make the switch as I currently have FNIS and PCEA dialed in to what I like and while I realize Nemesis can handle all of this I don't want the hassle of the switch if it won't all work together.

My only other question is if anyone has found a way to tweak the mod in xEdit to make it so you HAVE to switch to 1-hand mode to cast a spell-when using 2hand weapons. And regarding 1-hand weapons is it an easy enough tweak to make switching to using 2hands with a 1handed weapon benefits to be smaller.

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Thanks a bunch for anyone who can help with these questions, greatly appreciate the knowledge base here, I did attempt to find most of these answers already over a few hours but the conflicting info is what has left me mostly confused. Thanks for all your time.


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