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Civilian life: I demand the right to NOT adventure in TES6

Content of the article: "Civilian life: I demand the right to NOT adventure in TES6"

I seriously think TES6 should allow you to play the game as a civilian, and actually make it rewarding and fun of its own accord. Elder Scrolls games are all about freedom, but so far that generally the freedom to go on magical quests and choose which way to murder the goblin.

I really think it could be fun to be able to role-play a less violent life. In Skyrim you can pick veg and chop wood and slowly make money, or you can be a blacksmith and sell the things but these systems are shallow. One of my favourite Skyrim mods develops the Bards' College into a richer, legitimate gameplay option. I think Bethesda should take that and run with it.

Let's say you join a monastery: you actually get to play a full, expansive game as a peace-loving, intellectual monk. You research holy texts and create new ones. You plant vegetables (perhaps you accidentally discover genetics?) and brew beer to sell to townsfolk. Villagers come to you to make confessions and ask for spiritual advice. If bandits attack, fending them off isn't your job, it's the guards'.

You can see how this could be developed for many different professions in the game – blacksmith, farmer, city guard (be a detective!), banker, builder, politician, you name it.

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I'd also like the guilds to be more than just a series of 20 quests that you finish and then never think about again. When you become a leader, there should be responsibilities that come with it, and if you neglect them, the guild suffers, or even chooses a new leader. The Mages Guild in particular I'd like to allow for more academia stuff – taking and leading classes, doing research, writing new books.

It would be slow, relaxing and totally different – basically a way to break the routine of Elder Scrolls and play something more like Animal Crossing. And if it doesn't appeal to you, you can just leave it alone until you want to pick up the game four years down the line and try something completely different!

PS. I don't spend a lot of time on this sub or on Reddit in general, so perhaps this idea has already been either widely accepted or rejected! If so, never mind 🙂


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