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I'm really interested in trying the Monk class from Classic Classes and Birthsigns SEE for an Unarmed build. I've been looking at using it in combination with the unarmed perks in the Light Armor tree of Ordinator, but about half the tree isn't relevant for an unarmored build (to benefit from the Monk's secondary skill).

I've never built any mods, but would be really interested in seeing if there's a way to rework Ordinator to work a little better with the unarmed/unarmored monk concept. I'm not posting in the Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim thread as comments are currently locked.

Here's a quick analysis of the Light Armor tree in Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim.

Unarmed Abilities (These should work as implemented):

20 – Iron Fist (3) – Increases unarmed damage by 5/15/25% of your current Stamina, and you gain Light Armor experience when using unarmed attacks in combat. Requires two free hands.
40 – Sweeping Wind – Unarmed power attacks do 25% more damage. Additionally, if your movement speed is increased, they do 2% damage per 1% movement speed. Requires two free hands.
50 – Rushing Tide – Unarmed attacks grant 10% increased Stamina regeneration and 5% movement speed for 8 seconds. This effect stacks. Requires two free hands.
70 – Hissing Dragon – You may choose a damage type (fire, frost, shock, poison, disease or sun). Unarmed attacks unleash a shockwave that deals the chosen damage type to all targets in front of you. Requires two free hands. Does not activate while sneaking.
90 – Breaking Waves – Unarmed attacks have 15% chance of a critical strike that deals critical damage equal to 40% of your current Stamina. If you are affected by Wardancer, every hit is a critical strike. Requires two free hands.
These should work as implemented, although they don't directly impact unarmed/unarmored combat:
80 – Spelldancer – Wardancer also improves elemental (fire, frost and shock) spells and effects by the same amount.
90 – Glancing Blows – You take 30% less damage from blocked attacks while Wardancer is active. When you lose the Wardancer effect due to an unblocked attack, it also deals 30% less damage.
100 – Tempting Fate – You gain 20% movement speed if you are not blocking during an enemy's power attack. If the power attack misses, the effect lasts until combat ends or until you get struck by a power attack.
These I'd like to change these to work when unarmored instead of using Light Armor:

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0 – Light Armor Mastery (2) – Armor rating of Light Armor increased by 20/40%. You gain a small amount of Light Armor experience when wearing at least two pieces of Light Armor in combat. (Make the experience gain occur when unarmored instead of Light Armor)

20 – Annoying Mosquitoes (2) – You take 10/20% less attack damage from enemies with full Health if wearing all Light Armor. (Make the damage reduction apply when unarmored rather than Light Armor)

30 – As a Leaf – While sprinting in Light Armor, you cannot be staggered and take 50% less damage from power attacks. (Cannot be staggered and take less damage from power attacks when unarmored)

40 – Initiative (2) – When you enter combat, if wearing all Light Armor, regenerate up to 10/20% of your maximum Stamina per second. This bonus gradually diminishes over the course of 15 seconds. (Trigger the regen when entering combat unarmored)

50 – Windrunner – Move 10% faster in combat if wearing all Light Armor. (Move faster in combat when unarmored)

60 – Evasive Leap – If wearing all Light Armor, jump in combat to cause all incoming attacks and spells to miss for 1 second. This effect has a 5 second cooldown. (Trigger when jumping while unarmored)

60 – Into the Maelstrom – You take 10% less attack damage when fighting more than one enemy if wearing all Light Armor. (Trigger when fighting more than one enemy while unarmored)

70 – Fight or Flight – When struck by an unblocked attack or spell in combat, an adrenaline rush regenerates 5% of your maximum Stamina per second for 6 seconds if wearing all Light Armor. (Adrenaline rush when stuck while unarmored)

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70 – Wardancer – Your agility enables you to strike more effectively, granting 20% more attack damage and critical damage if wearing all Light Armor. This effect is lost for 6 seconds whenever you get struck by an unblocked attack or a hostile spell in combat. (Damage and crit when unarmored)

80 – Survival Instinct – When you get struck by an unblocked attack or hostile spell in combat, gain 10% movement speed for 6 seconds if wearing all Light Armor. (Movement speed when struck while unarmored)

80 – Wild and Free – While sprinting in Light Armor, you take 50% less damage from attacks. (Less damage when sprinting unarmored)

90 – Lightning Strike – Your critical strikes deal 75% more critical damage for 10 seconds after entering combat while wearing all Light Armor. (More crit when entering combat unarmored)

These would require entirely new perks or simply to be ignored:

30 – Light Armor Fit – Armor rating of Light Armor increased by 25% if wearing all Light Armor. (This could be changed to improve base unarmored armor rating similar to the Monk's secondary skill. Alternatively it could improve spell based armor similar to Mage Armor in the Alteration school.)
40 – Keen Senses – You no longer need to wear a helmet to benefit from perks that require "wearing all Light Armor". If you are not wearing a helmet, Light Armor pieces have 20% increased armor rating. (This could improve the base unarmored armor rating of the Monk's secondary skill by a percentage or flat number. Alternatively, it would be something entirely new or left as is making it a dead level)
50 – Unhindered – Light Armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down when worn. (This could reduce the weight of robes, circlets, etc or could provide some sort of carry weight bonus or stealth bonus. Alternatively, this could be left as it and be a dead level.)

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How involved a project would this be? Can anyone offer a good suggestion on where to start or how to approach this?



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