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Common New Modder Issues/Questions

Content of the article: "Common New Modder Issues/Questions"

This is simply a guide to help new modders with a few of the more common issues that I have seen after being on this subreddit for a while. Here I will try to explain these problems to any new modders, so they can hopefully avoid these pitfalls.

FNIS and Nemesis

FNIS and Nemesis are tools used to generate animations for certain mods. Anytime you add or remove a mod that requires these tools you must open and rerun it to generate the animations. If you don’t run it after adding an animation mod your animations simply won’t work, and if you don’t run it after removing an animation mod everyone will be stuck in a t-pose. A very commonly asked question is “Nemesis or FNIS?” and the answer is Nemesis. Nemesis is the improved updated version of FNIS (FNIS has been abandoned, Nemesis is still being updated) Future mods will likely hard require Nemesis over FNIS. If you use FNIS now you should switch over to Nemesis. Something that often confuses people is that some mods will explicitly say they require FNIS and I want to make this clear Nemesis is a replacement for FNIS. You do not need both. When a mod says it requires FNIS Nemesis works just as well. the only reason to ever use FNIS is for creature animations. Also yes, XP32 is compatible with Nemesis

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Do not use NMM

NMM is massively out of date, and should never be used. Even if you have a mod list in NMM currently it is 100% worth reinstalling and rebuilding. The mod manager Vortex is great for new modders and is very easy to pick up. Mod Organizer 2 or Mo2 is agreed to be the superior mod manager, however it can be difficult to start with. If you want a small simple modlist Vortex is the way to go. If you plan to keep modding for a while and want a long complex modlist try to learn Mo2.

Do not use Sinitar Gaming’s “guides”

I can’t stress this enough, his “guide” will break your game. He is incompetent at modding and installing all the mods on his “guide” breaks your game. He has never actually testing the game with all those mods installed. What’s really awful for new modders is that it’s the first result if you Google “Skyrim modding guide”. For a good modding guide I would recommend The Phoenix Flavor. Or just use Wabbajack

I hope this can help some new modders avoid some headaches. Good luck modding ❤️


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