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: Companions and the need for other players – thoughts?

We have all struggled with relying on other players from time to time. For many of these harder (less popular) vet dungeons… much of the time someone leaves once we get inside, or just disbands the group if they happen to be the leader, sending us all back outside. Without a strong guild that's helpful it's virtually impossible to access some of the game content or gear. Not even talking about trial gear, but basic things like Monster Helms. I'm about to start farming Grothdarr and I'm anticipating it will take me ~3-4 weeks of daily queues to get a group that will make it to the end and probably more than half of those groups will disband upon loading in.

For example: I had 6 groups in a row disband upon loading into vet Moon Keep yesterday for example (never did finish it) and that one isn't even that bad. Based on my experience I'm estimating it will take me roughly half a year to finish my collection of Monster Helms (I'm 7 in so far) and I'm hardly a casual player.

Maybe this struggle is unique to Xbox NA players, maybe not, but the appeal of companions is strong as theoretically 2 players with 2 companions would be enough to actually access some of this 4 man content. For certain vet dungeons this might work as they can practically be soloed, but others… not so much.

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You can review the excellent companion overview here:

While it seems like companions will be nice support characters, perhaps enabling you to finish a normal dungeon after someone drops, it's not at all clear how they will be able to handle encounters that require actual mechanics… meaning that they very well could be little more than AoE fodder for the very encounters in which they would be most useful. From everything I'm reading it sounds like a very basic AI, and what I'm interested in is potentially much more complex.

I'm curious about the community thoughts around this. Should we be able to beef up our companions to the point where they can tackle some mechanics (like forcing them to range or exit AoE's) or do you think that would break the game for you?

Bonus question: how do we stop people who queue for a random from dropping immediately upon loading a dungeon they don't want? A 30-90 minute penalty from queuing again seems like a good idea, with something like 3 offenses in a single day resulting in a 24hr timeout.


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