The Elder Scrolls

Convenience & Arena Bug & Marketing Suggestions (#10)


  1. Seperated icons for each secondary enchantment. It's annoying to check what secondaries on items through viewing each item especially when they look same in inventory, make it visible directly. It's much more annoying when it's time between rounds in arena, since it's a rushing time. Rename gear is also a great idea.

  2. More loadouts. Which has been ignored about a year. I have an advanced thought. Make 10 loadouts for PvE and PvP each.

  3. Option to lock items. Make an option to lock and unlock items. Locked items are invisible when you deal with vendors, or can't be sold. Everyone would agree that we're afraid to sell something you want to keep, or someone already sold things unintentionally.

Arena Bug

  1. Two handers can hide high block behind dodge and power attack motions. As a heavy myself, I confirm I can hide high block behind dodge motion and power attack motion. I'm able to stagger an opponent with high block while I'm still doing ability motion. I try to press block after ability motions, but I just reflectively press the block button sometimes, or even if I press it right, it still works as quick block right after ability.

  2. Frozen condition and Frostbite which slow down opponents also cancel opponents' swing forcefully when slowing starts or ends. They even cancel a swing which is already swinging. My swings get canceled about 3~5 times per round when I fight against a conditioning build frost players.

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Report me if there're any bugs those devs aren't noticed. They know LB cancel quick block. I assume they also know critical hits which deals normal damages, ghost swings, slowing without condition, and high block which goes right into low block. But they can't fix them since they happen because of cheap server itself.


  1. Make beacons available at store again. There're quite amount of players who want beacon decorations to be appeared in store again and of course willing to buy them. Slap their wallets.

  2. Make artifacts available at store. They abandoned duplicated artifact roll bug which gives you an usless vendor trash instead of an actual artifact if you get a same artifact roll. It wasn't rolled a same artifact but gave you which you don't have, but it isn't now. As a max leveled player, you have a chance to get 9 artifacts. Thus the chance of you get an artifact you want from a legendary chest is : 5%/9=0.5555..%. And legendary chest bundle's price is 20$. It contains 1 legendary chest and 4000 gems. Which can be exchanged as 1+(4000/2500)= 2.6 legendary chests. That means, you get 88.61% of chance to get an artifact you want if you open 390 legendary chests, which are 3000 dolars. 94.48%, if you open 520 legendary chest, 4000 dolars. But it's just possibility. You can get it sooner if you're lucky, or else you've to keep paying on 0.5555..% of chances without assurance. Good luck.

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