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Creation Club ideas; Post your suggestions, friends!

Content of the article: "Creation Club ideas; Post your suggestions, friends!"

I am an avid fan of Skyrim, and I love the Creation Club despite what anyone says. A mass (Or potentially split-up) CC release for the absence of creations is due before the year ends! Now, in honor of this I have come up with ideas for the CC and what I think would be cool additions!

Note: Obviously massive quests/landmasses, voiced actors and stuff that affects canonicity of previous ES titles and future ones is out of the picture so keep that in mind. Nonetheless, here is my list!

  1. Knuckles: Apparently, knuckles were cut out of Skyrim as a weaponry. I would absolutely love a set of Daedric knuckles for example an demolish a fool!

  2. Shalidor's tower: It's about time we had a Winterhold house, and what better stead than the home of the famous Nord Shalidor? In TES: Arena, this tower made a spotlight to only dissapear in Skyrim. Where did it dissapear? Don't tell me that the house of the greatest archmage in Skyrim's history fell into the chasm caused by the great collapse (I mean he probably had some spells to protect it, right?). It would be cool to see this structure perhaps floating around the CoW, or near the town etc.

  3. Capes: We have plenty mods for this, but what caught my eye was the addition of two capes (Unobtainable in game) added by the Battle of the Champions CC.

  4. Mending: Perhaps an addition to the survival mode? Utilise the hammer model, and add degradation to the game. It would completely revitalise the game!

  5. Own a boat: We already have the boat added by the CC, albeit stuck in a cave. A portable player home, move it between either in Dawnstar, Solitude or Windhelm. I would buy 100%! Also it would be a nod to the earlier TES title Arena, since you could buy boats there, and potentially make it a player-home.

  6. Bard add-on: Give us a feature to play the drums, or play a tune on a lute. Come on Bethesda, we are supposed to be part of the Bards College… Right?

More creatures: I have a few ideas for creatures that should be canon, and added whether by a quest or a bundle; Dwemer Spectre, Rays (Shadowkey!), Gehenoth (ES:Travels Dawnstar: Imagine if in conjuction with survival mode, sleeping outside you can suddenly be awakened and these dudes spawned?), Floaters, Gouti, Wormmouth, or even Cliff Racers (Yes they still exist near Riften, I wouldn't mind having one as a pet)

(Unlikely additions)

  1. Spears: There have been repeated and numerous requests for spears, and spears were showcased in the Gamejam developer showcase. It would be awesome to use a spear, but don't expect it! However, I still pray!

  2. Seasons: There are probably a lot of mechanic and engine restrictions to this, but this was ALSO shown at Gamejam. I have my doubts, but it would literally make me cry tears of joy if such a feature was added!

So, what are your ideal Creation Club creations? I am looking forward to reading them!


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