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Creation Kit for SSE can make the game completely go mute.

Content of the article: "Creation Kit for SSE can make the game completely go mute."

tl;dr : My game went completely mute, and deleting Creation Kit somehow fixed the problem.

Hello everyone, first time writing here. I felt like sharing an interesting bug that I managed to resolve while modding Skyrim Special Edition. I write this hoping that it saves some trouble for people who goes through the same problem I did.

So I'm a few weeks into modding Skyrim extensively. I inevitably run into recurring CTDs. while I managed to stop the CTD my game went completely mute.

The only time my game would play a sound was when it launched its logo. Even while doing so the logo would kinda flicker and the audio would turn into static and eventually the audio would stop entirely. Even with all mods disabled and launched with default Skyrim Special Edition Launcher the audio would work for only a couple seconds and eventually go completely mute, including the button pressing noises.

I tried every advice I could find online to fix this issue. I checked if my video game volume was high enough on both my speaker and my settings. I updated my graphics driver and audio driver. I disabled all the mods to see which were causing a problem. The game would still be mute even without any mods enabled. I also tried running it with the default Skyrim Special Edition launcher and it would still be mute. I even tried using this program called 'LinkedShellExtension' to 'link my Skyrim- sound.bsa to c: drive' because they say the game tends to not play sounds when on the d: drive. Nothing worked. I was about to do a clean reinstall when I just decided to remove the miscellaneous files in my Skyrim Special Editions directory one by one(i.e. the .dll files from Bug Fixes SSE or Address for SKSE plugins, etc). The first thing I decided to remove was the Creation Kit. I removed Creation Kit via and launched the game with all my mods enabled. Et voila', the audio just came back!

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I'm new to the modding scene and my only knowledge comes from Ai Elias' wonderful Skyrim Modding Guides(metaphorical god bless his metaphorical soul!). I don't know why this problem occurred nor why deleting Creation Kit solves it. But this method did the job for me, and if you have the same problem, I hope it works for you too.

Before I end this post I have a few questions for the modding masterminds on this subreddit:

Q1. Can anyone explain to me why Creation Kit may be responsible for this problem and how I can avoid it in the future? FYI I downloaded the Creation Kit from the Bethesda launcher on my D: drive, in the same folder as my Skyrim Special Edition Directory.

Q2. Can I do a clean uninstall of Creation Kit manually? It seems that uninstalling with launcher leaves out some files behind like some .ini files. If so, how do I do it?


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