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[Creation Kit] Help! Changed a vanilla script by accident

Content of the article: "[Creation Kit] Help! Changed a vanilla script by accident"

I did something really silly. I'm using the creation kit for the second time to rework the first mod I made a few years ago and I've been using the script "DLC2DefaultAddSpellOnEquiptScript" which lets you add up to three spells when a piece of armor is equipt (used for ring of arcana and vision of mzund). The problem is that I wanted to add a fourth spell and being new, I just clicked "add property" on the script properties tab. I figured since the added spells were unique to each piece that it would only add a fourth spell for this instance of the script. It obviously doesn't work like that.

I tried to undo to no success and now I'm stuck with the changes. The change actually just appended a new line after the script end so it's not even functional. I've deleted the added line but it's still marked as changed.

Here's the real kicker, I play on PS4 so I now can't upload my mod as it says registers the edited script as an external .pex file. I can't find anything online on how to fix this but I've installed SSEEDIT as I've read something about removing edits on there, I just can't find out how to do that for scripts.

How do I go about removing the eddited version so that the original is referenced? Do I just delete the script file in the data folder? Or will that delete the original vanilla script too?

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If it helps: I haven't compiled the scripts or changes but I have saved (and puched to PC) several times so im not sure if that compiles it automatically.

This is the error specifically:

Thanks for any help. Modding is super slow, at least on my laptop, so I've already spent a whole week revamping this mod and I don't really want to have to start over. I'm using the special edition as well if that wasn't clear.

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