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Criminally underrated mods

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After having yet again come to the point where I thought I couldn't possibly find more interesting mods to shove into my 777 mod / 467 plugin load order, I once again found a good amount of mostly overlooked gems that absolutely deserve more credit than they receive. Here's some recommendations, all of them less than 1k endorsements:

{Detailed Exteriors} and {More Clutter in Skyrim}, overhaul a ton of vanilla interior and exterior locations and add more clutter. Not over the top and too cluttered, but just the perfect amount of enhancements. Way too few endorsements.

{More Critters SE}, more ambient insects, pairs especially well with CACO for more variance. I deleted all the indoor cells to not have my inns full of bugs, but having them fly around the city worldspaces is very nice.

{Immersive hold borders SSE and Hold Borders Consistency Patch}, best hold borders I have seen in a mod. So well integrated with the vanilla roads and landscape. The addition of Fort allegiance is also a nice feature. Truly an overlooked gem. Pairs very well with Immersive Patrols and NPCs Travel and such.

{The Stumbling Sabrecat}, nice overhaul of this overlooked tavern, if the fort switches allegiance to Stormcloaks or Legion.

{Amy's Replacement Spell Runes}, great looking retexts of the magic runes.

{Forgotten Creatures}, great looking retexts of various monsters and animals. Doesn't have an SE page, but can be used anyway. The same author has more non-SE mods with retexts that look great, check them out.

{Chapter II – Jeremy Soule Inspired Music (by Dreyma Music)}, criminally underrated music mod. First time in more than 5 years I install a music mod again, I simply love vanilla Skyrim music too much! But this mod of custom made Jeremy Soule-esque music fits the vanilla music like a glove. Almost indistinguishable from vanilla if you didn't already know. Comes as a non-replacer version too.

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{Around the Fire}, {Hun Lovaas} and {Melodies of Civilization}, new combat music (finally!), new inn music and new town music. Fits vanilla and fits Chapter II perfectly. Makes for the perfect soundtrack.

{Minotaurs – Mihail Monsters and Animals}, these Mihail minotaurs look awesome, feel awesome, and are hand placed only a few places here and there for maximum surprise. Truly, those 4 minotaur variants look so well made.

{Kwama Creatures SE}, some of the best looking new creatures made in a mod. Install for Morrowind reminiscence.

{Dirt and Blood – Dynamic Visual Effects}, getting more popular, but still an underdog among bathing/dirt mods. Lightweight and impactful, plus it comes with a patched integration for my own {Inn Soaps} mod!

{Butterfly Improved by zzjay}, best vanilla insect retext I've ever found.

{The Elder Scrolls Legends – Loading Screens}, great looking Skyrim themed load screens.


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