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CTD after 1/2 mins of playing.

Content of the article: "CTD after 1/2 mins of playing."

I recently added few mods to my game, and like always started a new game, so I wouldn't have any problems with my game mid-through. Well, ofc I checked everything with LOOT, cleaned plugins with SSEEdit and create a bash patch. But unfortunately I get CT after 1/2 mins of playing the game. I tried fixing it; used NIF , updated FNIS and SKSE64 and uninstalled some mods, that I thought that are making problems, downloaded fixing patches for some mods, updated mods that could have been updated, but still nothing happend. All time I get CTD.

My mod list:
Majestic Mountains
360 walk and run
A quality world map
A matter of time
A Noble skyrim- full pack
Aesthetic Elves
Alternate Start
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Apocalypse – magic of skyrim
Aymar and friends
Better arros and bows
Beards – Hverglemir's Aesthetics
Beast Hair Horn and Beard
Better Claws nad Gauntlets
Better Dialogue Controls
Better Vampires
Beyond Skyrim – Bruma
Beyond Reach
Bijin AIO 2020 – Serana Valerica
Bijin NPCs
Bijin Warmaidens
Bijin Wives
Black Mage Armor
Brows – Hvergelmir's Aesthetic
Carved Brink
Celebrimbor Full
Character Creation Overhaul
Ciri's outfit
Citizens of Tamriel II
Comfy Knight – Faraam Knight Armor from DS 1
Consistent Older People
Coverkhajiit male
Cutting Room Floor
Dark Forest of Skyrim
Distinct Interiors AIO
Diverse Dragons Collection
Dolmen Ruins
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor
Druid Armor UNP – artic and tropical theme
Elemental Destruction Magic
Enhanced Blood Textures
Enhanced Lights and FX
Enigma Series
Epic Restoration
Ethreal Elven Overhaul
Fangs and Eyes
Feminine Khajiit Textures UNP
First Person Magic Animation
Forgotten Magic Redone
Fuz Ro D'oh
Gifts of Akatosh
Grandmaster Ursine Armour
Hel Rising
Immersive Armors
Immersive Citizens
Immersive Sounds Compedium
Immersive Weapons
Immersive World Encounters
Interesting NPCS
Jk's Arcadia Cauldron
Jk's Belethor's General Goods
Jk's Dragonsreach
Jk's Riverfall Cottage
Jks' Skyhaven forge
Jk's Skyrim AIO
Jk's Sleeping Giant Inn
Jk's Bannered Mare
Jk's The Drunken Huntsman
Jk's Warmaiden's
kiki Followers
Konahrik The Priest
KS Hairdo's-Female
Ks Hairdo's- Male
Ks Hairdos Lite
Ks Hairdos SMP
Kynreeve Armor
LeanWolfs Better-Shaped Weapons
Legenday Crossbows and Bows
Magic Casting Animations overhaul
Magical College of Winterhold
Maids 2- deception
Males of skyrim
Mark of the Dovahkiin
Moon and Star
No Spinning Death Animation
Northborn Scars
Opulent Outfits
Path of Sorcery
Pretty Female Idles
Pretty Khajiit
Project AHO
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Realistic Water Two
Rebalanced Leveled Lists
Relaxed Sneak Animations
Rigmor of Bruma
RS Children Overhaul
Run For Your Lives
Serana Dialogue Add-on
Serana Dialog Edit
Simple Magic Rebalance
Skse 64
Skyrim Expanded Weaponry
Skyrim Sizes
Realistic Animals and Predators
Sneak Tools
SSE High Quality Music & Voices
Equipable Horns
Teldryn Serious Enhanced Edition
Tempered Skins for Females and Males
The Eyes of Beauty
The Final Cataclysm
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
The Lily UNP armor
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
The Sinister Seven
Ultimate Combat
UNP female body renewal
Volkihar Knight
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Weapons of the Third Era
Wet and Cold
Wheels of Lull
Zim's Immersive Artifacts

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Are any of my mods incompatible with eachother?


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