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CTD infront of whiterun that comes and goes.

Content of the article: "CTD infront of whiterun that comes and goes."

I'm getting really fucking sick of randomly crashing when I walk past or to whiterun. 3/4 of the time I can walk past it like any normal player can. The rest of the time, I get a stupid ctd every single time I try to walk past, with no rhyme or reason to it. All I've managed to determine is that turning off the AI stops the crashes most of the time. Yes, even that fix isn't 100% reliable.

I believe the problem is exclusive to the cell whiterunexterior01. Looking through TES5Edit, literally the only mods I have that affect that cell at all are the unofficial patch, and immersive horses, that's it. The latter btw just carries over changes made by the unofficial patch; I can find nothing exclusive to that mod. So if this issue is being caused by a mod, the only possibility is that its the unofficial patch!

What else could possibly be causing this issue and how can I possibly fix this??? This is stupid and I'm beyond sick of it. This stupid game's unstable enough out of the freaking box. Its like I'm playing SE again, where I can't enter dragonsreach without instantly crashing, even with NO mods installed and a completely clean re-install.

What could possibly be causing this??? The only changes I can find are being made by the unofficial patch itself, turning off the ai stops the crashes most of the time but not always, and over half the time I don't have this issue at all. Time of day also seems to have no relevance, since using the wait command fixes nothing at all. Earlier I had a ctd while walking up the road to riverwood. I decided to use tfc to see if I could find what was causing the crash. Found nothing but low-res models. I then walked up the trail with my camera aimed down to minimize what was being rendered. I was suddenly able to walk through without issue. I have no idea if that fixed it, or me using tfc. And no, that trick hasn't worked a second time.

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This makes no freaking sense. What the hell is wrong with this stupid worthless game??? I swear I wonder why I even bother trying to play this thing; half the time I can't even complete a 100% vanilla playthrough without something going irreversibly wrong. And here I am trying to use the unofficial patch of all things. Of course, modding seems to make this thing more stable (whiterun's the only place I've gotten crashes this entire playthrough, rather than all over the map, and right after combat ends 80% of the time).

What else could be wrong??? What, do I needed to remove the edits the unofficial patch makes to that cell to stop this????


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