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CTD when closing inventory, only after unequipping items that go onto back, such as arrows, bows, staves, etc.

Active Mod Files:

00 Oblivion.esm 01 MigMaster.esm  02 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm  03 All Natural Base.esm  04 Av Latta Magicka.esm  05 Fundament.esm  06 Cobl Main.esm  07 Marriage.esm 08 Knights - Revelation.esm 09 Cobl Glue.esp  0A Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp  ++ Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp 0B DLCShiveringIsles.esp 0C Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp  ++ Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp 0D Cobl Si.esp  0E DLCHorseArmor.esp 0F DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp  10 DLCOrrery.esp 11 DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp  12 DLCVileLair.esp 13 DLCVileLair - Unofficial Patch.esp  14 DLCMehrunesRazor.esp 15 DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp  16 DLCSpellTomes.esp ++ DLCSpellTomes - Unofficial Patch.esp  17 DLCThievesDen.esp 18 DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp  19 DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp  1A DLCBattlehornCastle.esp 1B DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp  1C DLCFrostcrag.esp 1D DLCFrostcrag - Unofficial Patch.esp  1E Knights.esp 1F Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp  20 MigMiscellanea.esp  21 DarNifiedUI Config Addon.esp 22 Dynamic Map.esp  23 Extended UI.esp  24 LINK.esp  25 MOO Loading Screens - New Pics.esp  26 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp  ** EVE_KnightsoftheNine.esp 27 Harvest .esp  ** Harvest  - DLCVileLair.esp  28 Enhanced Vegetation <125%>.esp ++ Enhanced Vegetation SI.esp 29 Better Dungeons.esp 2A OOOShiveringIsles.esp 2B OOOExtended.esp 2C Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp  ** OCO DLC Faces.esp ++ OCO uses merged teeth.esp ++ OCO_Eyes_Fix.esp ** Harvest  - Shivering Isles.esp  2D All Natural.esp  2E Knights - Revelation.esp ** Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp  2F RoadLights.esp 30 The Ayleid Steps.esp  31 Mages Guild Quests.esp ++ Cobl Tweaks - OOO.esp  ** Cobl Tweaks - FCOM Mergeable.esp  ++ Cobl Tweaks - OOO Mergeable.esp  32 All Natural - SI.esp  ** Book Jackets Oblivion.esp ** Book Jackets DLC.esp ** GrimbotsSpellTomes.esp ** Knights - Book Jackets.esp ** Glowing Fractured Soulgems.esp ** Alluring Wine Bottles.esp ** Alluring Wine Bottles - Mead Patch.esp ** CM_Better Wine_SI.esp ++ Unique Heretic Robes.esp 33 Dynamic Oblivion Combat.esp ++ Av Latta Magicka - Rebalance Complete.esp  ** PotionReplacer.esp 34 MinimalMagicEffects.esp 35 Marriage Patch.esp  36 DialogTweaks.esp  37 Fighters Guild Quests.esp 38 Bounty Quests.esp 39 Immersive Interiors - Imperial City.esp  3A BrotherhoodRenewed.esp  3B Av Latta Magicka.esp  3C PTFallingStars.esp 3D Av Latta Magicka - Birthsigns.esp  3E Magic Effects OBSE Tweaks.esp  3F Magic Visuals Overhaul.esp ++ Magic Visuals Overhaul - OBME Patch.esp 40 Ultimate Leveling.esp  41 MigLockpicking.esp  42 Bundlement.esp  43 MigTraining.esp  44 RshAlchemy.esp ++ RshAlchemy - AVU.esp  45 MigFEA.esp  46 MigPickpocket.esp  47 New skill - Unarmored.esp  ++ FrostcragAlchemySorter.esp 48 GOSH.esp ** Improved Fires and Flames - Increased Sound.esp ++ GOSH - All Natural Patch.esp  ** ColoredQuests.esp 49 AoG - Greed Arena.esp 4A Enhanced Hotkeys.esp  4B QZ Easy Menus.esp 4C kuerteeCrimeHasWitnesses.esp 4D Weapons Of Morrowind.esp  4E Weapons Of Morrowind - Daedric Crescent.esp 4F Immersive Interiors.esp  50 Immersive Interiors - Landscape Addon.esp 51 Immersive Interiors - Bravil.esp ++ Oblivion DLC Delayers.esp  ** ShiveringQuests.esp 52 SB_WeaponDropFix.esp ++ Book Jackets DLC Misc.esp 53 RshAlchemyRecipes.esp 54 Marriage Store Profit.esp 55 AoG - Is Anybody Home.esp 56 Enhanced Economy.esp  57 Colorful Clothing - Middleclass.esp 58 Colorful Clothing - Upperclass.esp 59 Colorful Clothing - Gloves.esp 5A Uncapped Skeleton Key OBSE.esp 5B FormID Finder4.esp ++ VoicesForFemaleDremora.esp 5C HUD Status Bars.esp  ++ Artifacts Redone.esp  ++ Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul - Knights of Nine.esp ** EVE_StockEquipmentReplacer.esp ** NPC Hair Matches Beard.esp ** Weapon Improvement Project.esp  ** nu_dwarven_f_cuirass.esp 5D Unique Artifacts for Unique People.esp  ++ UAUP - OOOExtended Patch.esp 5E Variant Vagabonds.esp 5F SM Combat Hide.esp  ++ Quest NPCs Run.esp  60 lDisplay Skill Perk Effects.esp  61 Display Stats.esp  ++ Give Me My Shader Effects.esp 62 No More Wild Goose Chases.esp  ** AdvancedFightersQuests.esp ** QuestsoftheNine.esp ** AdvancedMagesQuests.esp 63 Quest Log Manager.esp  ++ lVanilla Style Loading Screens Addon.esp  64 Tavern Goers 2 - Redux.esp 65 Tavern Goers 2 - Redux SI.esp 66 Vacuity.esp  ++ TorchMoreBrighter_Bright_Wide.esp 67 Alternative Start by Robert Evrae.esp 68 Tales of Cyrodiil.esp 69 Bounty Quests OOO Patch.esp 6A Spears!.esp 6B Map Marker Overhaul.esp  6C QQuix - Rock, rock, rock your ship - V3.esp 6D Shivering Isles - New Dukes.esp 6E Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp  6F Cloud Ruler Armory - Spear Compatible.esp 70 Camping.esp ** Harvest  - DLCFrostcrag.esp  71 BrumaGuildReconstructed.esp  72 Immersive Interiors - Bruma Guild Reconstructed.esp  ++ No Anachronistic MQ Comments.esp 73 Enhanced Grabbing.esp  74 LightYourWay.esp 75 AgronakChampionHouse.v1.01.esp ** GreyPrince.esp 76 Reznod_Mannequin.esp 77 No Backwards Running.esp 78 PersuasionOverhaul.esp  ++ PersuasionOverhaul_OOO.esp  79 More Effective Enchantments.esp  7A Basic Primary Needs.esp  ++ VCEClassOverhaul.esp 7B VanillaCombatEnhanced.esp ++ Item interchange - Extraction.esp  ++ Item interchange - Placement.esp  ++ Item interchange - Placement for Frostcrag.esp  ++ Item interchange - Option, Ingredients in Bulk.esp  ++ SafeCloningFunction - Filter.esp ** All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter For Mods.esp  ++ Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp  7C Bashed Patch, 0.esp 7D Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul.esp  7E WorldMapsForAllWorldspaces.esp 

So I just recently re-modded Oblivion after my previous hard-drive using Windows 7 died. On that instance I had no crashing issues, but I did add a few more mods into the load order this time around, and now this system is running on Windows 10 as well. Most of these mods are straight from the "Basic Modding Guide" by Oooiii. One mod in particular that I did not use in the previous instance is this "HUD Status Bars.esp " which I am not sure if it might be causing an issue, as I figure there has to be some scripts ran every-time the menu is closed and maybe that is somehow causing the problem, but I am also completely uncertain about that, just a hunch.

Other then that I don't really have any other ideas of what could be causing the CTD. Maybe something with the skeleton after something on the back is unequipped. Maybe something with meshes? I don't think so because I figure the crash would happen as soon as any of the "problem" items were rendered at all, not just on unequipping and closing the menu.

A note on that as well, if I hotkey a weapon like a bow or staff, it won't crash from the act of unequipping, but as long as I did unequip said item and then open and close the menu it will CTD as soon as the menu is closed, so maybe that info might be helpful.

Anyway, thanks for any info or help you can provide, much appreciation.

EDIT 1: Oh yeah and another note, I used LOOT to do the load-order sorting, no manual sorting here if that might be an issue.


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