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CTD When Loading Save Games?

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I can play a new game for hours on end, but whenever I load up a save it crashes. I worked so hard on installing all my mods and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do. Ignore the "(x)"s. They're where I marked the mods off after I installed them.

Mod List

SE Icon Replacer (x)

Rudy ENB (x)

SKSE (x)

Skyrim Auto Backup (x)

Address Library For SKSE Plugins (x)

Stay At The System Page (Updated) (x)

SSE Engine Fixes (x)

ENB Helper SE (x)

Fuz Ro D'oh (x)

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (x)

Sky UI (x)

Wider MCM Menu For SkyUI (x)

Dear Diary (Paper SkyUI Menus Replaceer SE) (x)

Font Overhaul (Natural Typefaces For Skyrim) (x)

Book Covers Skyrim (x)

Book Covers Skyrim (Lost Library) (x)

Unread Books Glow SSE (x)

Unlimited Bookshelves (x)

Jaxonz Renamer (x)

Jaxonz Positioner (x)

Remove Bethesda Logo Among Other Things (x)

Loading Screen Smoke Removed (x)

Dragon Whisperer Main Menu Replacer (x)

Immersive HUD (iHud Special Edition) (x)

A Matter Of Time (A HUD Clock Widget) (x)

A Quality World Map (x)

RaceMenu (x)

Wintersun (Faiths Of Skyrim) (x)

Wintersun (Faiths Of Skyrim)/Book Covers Skyrim Patch (x)

Character Creation Overhaul (x)

Faster Skill Leveling 2017 (x)

Enhanced Blood Textures (x)

No Spinning Death Animation (x)

Realistic Ragdolls And Force (x)

Ordinator (Perks Of Skyrim) (x)

Skyrim Skill Interface Retexture (x)

HD Meshes And Textures For Animal And Creature Drops (x)

Elsopa HD Briar Heart (x)

High Quality Food And Ingredients SE (x)

Mammoth Cheese Retexture (x)

Rally's Honey Pot (x)

Elsopa HD (Meadbarrel And Spigot SE) (x)

Rustic Clutter Collection (x)

HD Reworked Baskets (x)

Decoration Basket SE (x)

Elsopa (HD Keys SE) (x)

Rudy HQ (Hay SE) (x)

Ruins Clutter Improved (x)

Rally's Jurgen Windcaller Tomb (x)

Wearable Lanterns (x)

SMIM (x)

Pretty Lantern Replacer SE (x)

Ancient Pottery (x)

JS Dragon Claws SE (x)

Apachii Sky Hair (male, female, and full) (x)

Improved Eyes Skyrim (x)

UNP Female Body Renewal (A Female Face And Body Replacer) (x)

Skysight Skins (Ultra HD 4K 2k Male Texture And Real Feet Meshes) (x)

Rustic Clothing (x)

Winter Is Coming SSE (x)

Cloaks Of Skyrim (x)

Gemling Queen Jewelry SE (x)

Immersive Jewelry SSE (x)

Amulets Of Skyrim SSE (x)

Elsopa HD (Akatosh Amulet SE) (x)

Immersive Patrols SE (x)

Horses On Patrol SSE (x)

Quaint Raven Rock SE (x)

Improved Bards SE (x)

The Ordinary Women SSE (x)

Bijin NPCS SE (x)

Bijin Wives SE (x)

Bijin Warmaidens SE (x)

Seranaholic (x)

Sexy Marcurio (x)

Sexy Faendal (x)

Cynthia Elisif Replacer (x)

Silda Dress (Windhelm Beggar) (x)

Heimskr Only Preaches On Weekends (x)

Lucien (x)

Pandorable's Lucien Replacer (x)

RS Children (x)

Interesting NPCS (x)

RS Children/Interesting NPCS Patch (x)

Immersive College NPCS (x)

LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons (x)

Dynamic Dungeon Loot (x)

Unique Uniques SE (x)

Thane Weapons Reborn (x)

Rustic Armor And Weapons SE (x)

Frankly HD Imperial Amor And Weapons (x)

Better Bonemold (x)

Frost White Glass And Armor Retexture (x)

Scaled Armor Retexture (x)

Red And Gold Dwarven Weapons And Armor (x)

Sinister Elven Armor Retexture (x)

SPOA Silver Knight Armor SE (x)

Steel Weapons And Armor Replacer (x)

Guards Armor Replacer SSE (x)

Ennead Shields (x)

Frankly HD Miraak (x)

Dawnguard Arsenal SSE (x)

Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor And Weapons (x)

Cleverchaff's Soul Cairn (x)

Improved Closefaced Helmets (x)

Radzig Longsword SE (x)

Infinite Enchantment Charges (x)

See Enchantments SE (x)

Skyland (A Landscape Texture Overhaul) (x)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE (x)

Verdant (A Skyrim Grass Plugin) (x)

Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods (x)

Rally's Solthseim Scathecraw (x)

Rally's Solthseim Plants (x)

Rally's Blackreach Mushrooms (x)

Rally's Glowing Mushrooms (x)

Rudy HQ More Lights For ENB (Deathbells and Nirnroots) (x)

Neurotic Nightshade (x)

Rally's Hanging Moss (x)

Unique Flowers And Plants SSE (x)

Skyland Sacred Trees (x)

Falling Gildergreen Petals SE (x)

Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass SSE (x)

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE (x)

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE/Enhanced Blood Textures Patch (x)

Kill The Orchestra (x)

Celtic Music In Skyrim SE (x)

True Tavern Music (x)

Bard Instrumentals Mostly (Sing Rarely) (x)

True Storms SE (Thunder Rain And Weather Redone) (x)

Obsidian Weathers And Seasons (x)

True Storms SE (Thunder Rain And Weather Redone)/Obsidian Weathers And Seasons Patch (x)

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE/True Storms (Thunder Rain And Weather Redone) Patch (x)

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE/Obsidian Weathers And Seasons Patch (x)

ELFX SE (Enhancer) (x)

ELFX SE/No Proudspire Patch (x)

TNF Proudspire (x)

Claralux SSE (x)

Floating Torch Spells (x)

Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass/ELFX Patch (x)

Ethereal Clouds SE (x)

Aurora SE (x)

Ethereal Cosmos SE (x)

Wonders Of Weather (x)

Real Rain (x)

Lightning During Thunderstorms (x)

True Storms (Thunder Rain And Weather Redone)/Lightning During Thunderstorms Patch (x)

Yee-A New Snowflake Mod (x)

Pure Waters (x)

Volcanic Tundra (Heat Wave Effects) (x)

Cutting Room Floor (x)

RS Children/Cutting Room Floor Patch (x)

The Companions (Don't Be A Milk Drinker) (x)

Improved Companions (x)

Farkas Wears Wolf Armor (x)

Monster Mod SE (x)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures (x)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures Official Patch (x)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures/Improved Closedfaced Helmets Patch (x)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures Official Patch/Wintersun Patch (x)

Skyrim Immersive Creatures/Enhanced Blood Textures Patch (x)

Beasts Of Tamriel (x)

Mihail Golden Saints (x)

Mihail Draugr Cavalry (x)

Mihail Draugr Patrols (x)

Mihail Barghests (x)

Mihail Magetta (x)

Mihail Goblins (x)

Mihail Bantam Guars (x)

Mihail Daedroths (x)

Mihail Clannfears (x)

Mihail Ice Golem (x)

Mihail Minotaur (x)

Mihail Storm Golem (x)

Mihail Lurchers And Briarheart Trees (x)

Mihail Old gods Of The Hunt (x)

Rustic Spriggan SE (x)

Rustic Deadra SE (x)

Rustic Death Hound And Gargoyle SE (x)

Dwemer Spectres SE (x)

Beast Skeletons (x)

Bellyache's HD Dragon Replacer Pack SE (x)

Bellyache's New Dragon Species SSE (x)

Deadly Dragons (x)

Chapper's Aludin Mashup (x)

Absorb Dragon Souls Talent (x)

Convenient Horses (x)

Skytest (Realistic Animals And Predators SE) (x)

Bellyache's Animal And Creature Pack SSE (x)

Permafrost (Frost Replacer) (x)

Arvak Replacer SE (x)

Luminescent Luna Moths SE (x)

HD Bees And Honeycombs (x)

Better Mammoth Tusks (x)

SkyBirds (x)

SkyBirds/Enhanced Blood Textures Patch (x)

Birds Of Skyrim SSE Edition (x)

Birds And Flocks SSE Edition (x)

Ducks And Swans For Skyrim SE (x)

Wild Penguins (x)

Snow Penguins SSE (x)

Mihail Pigeons (x)

Pets Kingdom SE (x)

True Meeko SE (x)

Garm The Husky Companion SE (x)

Mihail House Cats (x)

More Village Animals SE (x)

Mihail Sheep Flocks (x)

Mihail Boars And Daggerbacks (x)

Bristleback Boars (x)

Mihail Mountain Lions And Panthers (x)

Mihail Squirrels (x)

Mihail Seals And Sea Lions (x)

Mihail Snowrays (x)

Mihail Dugongs And Manatees (x)

Mihail Wolves Of Cyrodiil (x)

JK's Skyrim (x)

JK's Skyrim/Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods Patch (x)

Dawn Of Skyrim (x)

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace (x)

JK's SKyrim/Dawn Of Skyrim Patch (x)

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace/Claralux SSE Patch (x)

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace/Dawn of Skyrim Patch (x)

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace/ELFX (Enhancer) Patch (x)

Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace/JK's Skyrim Patch (x)

The Useless Shop And Interior Overhaul SE (x)

Skyland Ships And Shacks (x)

Rally's Fishing Poles (x)

Skyland Solitude (x)

Rally's Manhole Of Solitude (x)

Skyland Riften (x)

Snowy Windhelm (x)

Snowy Windhelm/JK's Skyrim Patch (x)

Skyland Whiterun (x)

Rally's Temple Of Kynareth Mosaic (x)

Skyland Nordic Ruins (x)

Skyland Imperial Forts And Dungeons (x)

Glorious Doors Of Skyrim SE (x)

Animated Dwemer Lift Doors (x)

Solitude And Temple Frescoes SSE (x)

Skyrim Textures Redone (Skyhaven) (x)

Forgotten Vale HD (x)

Rally's Raven Rock (x)

Ren's HD Shrines (x)

Pilgrim's Delight (High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures) (x)

Extended Shrine Blessings (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE (x)

Settlements Expanded (x)

RS Children/Settlements Expanded Patch (x)

Inns And Taverns SE (x)

Settlements Expanded/Inns And Taverns SE Patch (x)

Lively Inns And Taverns (x)

Tavern Games (Mini Games In Skyrim) (x)

More Tavern Idles SSE (x)

Oakwood (x)

RS Children/Oakwood Patch (x)

Realistic Boat Bobbing SE (x)

Realistic Boat Bobbing/JK's SKyrim Patch (x)

Realistic Boat Bobbing/Oakwood Patch (x)

Realistic Boating Bobbing/Quaint Raven Rock Patch (x)

Realistic Boat Bobbing/Unoffical Skyrim Special Edition Patch Patch (x)

Realistic Boat Bobbing/SMIM Meshes (x)

Aurora Village SE (x)

RS Children/Aurora Village SE Patch (x)

Darkwater Crossing (x)

Whistling Mine (x)

Soljund's Sinkhole (x)

Granite Hill (x)

Shor's Stone (x)

Arthmoor's Dawnstar (x)

Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge (x)

Arthmoor's Falkreath (x)

Arthmoor's Ivarstead (x)

Arthmoor's Rorikstead (x)

Arthmoor's Karthwasten (x)

Settlements Expanded/Soljund's Sinkhole Patch (x)

Settlements Expanded/Whistling Mine Patch (x)

Oakwood/Aurora Village Sign Fix (x)

Kynesgrove (x)

Narfi's Home Restored SSE (x)

Skyland Towns And Villages (x)

Glorious Fort Dawnguard (x)

CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn (x)

Tactical Valtheim SSE (x)

Rally's Riekling Outposts (x)

Unique Border Gates SE (x)

Unique Border Gates/Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass Patch (x)

Ennet's Enhanced Bard's College (x)

Elsopa HD Smelter (x)

Sepolcri (A Complete Burial Sites Overhaul) (x)

Sepolcri/JK's Skyrim Patch/Falkreath/Cutting Room Floor Patch (x)

Sepolcri/Dawn Of Skyrim Patch (x)

Hold Border Banners (x)

Designs Of The Nords (x)

Skyland HD Roadsigns (x)

Skyland HD Roadsigns/Cutting Room Floor Patch (x)

The Notice Board SE (x)

Rugnarok SE (x)

Rally's Dark Elf Furniture (x)

Rustic Furniture SE (x)

Vanilla Table Replacers (x)

Comfy Dwemer Beds (x)

Rustic Cooking Station SE (x)

No Snow Under The Roof (x)

No Snow Under The Roof/Cutting Room Floor Patch (x)

No Snow Under The Roof/Hall Of The Vigilant Fix (x)

No Snow Under The Roof/Whistling Mine Patch (x)

No Snow Under The Roof/Settlements Expanded Patch (x)

Rich Skyrim Merchants (x)

Skyrim Reputation (x)

Realistic Room Rental (Basic) (x)

Campfire (Complete Camping System) (x)

Frostfall (Hypothermia Camping Survival) (x)

iNeed (x)

Drinking Fountains Of Skyrim (x)

Drinking Fountains Of Skyrim/iNeed Patch (x)

Hunterborn SE (x)

Audio Overhaul For Skyrim SE/Hunterborn Patch (x)

Classic Level Up (x)

Reflection (Level Up Messages) (x)

Go To Bed (x)

Skyrim Sleeping Bags SE (Sleep Under Blankets) (x)

Go To Bed/Skyrim Sleeping Bags SE (Sleep Under Blankets) Patch (x)

Bathing In Skyrim SSE (x)

Northern Bathhouses SSE (x)

Northern Bathhouses SSE/JK's Skyrim Patch (x)

Northern Bathhouses SSE/Dawn Of Skyrim Patch (x)

Northern Bathouses SSE/Arthmoor's Dawnstar Patch (x)

Immersive Laundry (x)

Dawn Of Skyrim/JK's Skyrim/Immersive Laundry Patch (x)

Holidays (x)

Dawn Of Skyrim/JK's Skyrim/Holidays Patch (x)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE/Holidays Patch (x)

Wet And Cold SE (x)

True Storms (Thunder Rain And Weather Redone)/Wet And Cold Patch (x)

Get Snowy (x)

Footprints (x)

Rally's Instruments (x)

Diverse Skyrim SSE (x)

Immersive Wenches (x)

Immersive Wenches/Apachii Hairs Patch (x)

Deadly Wenches (x)

Public Executions (x)

Wildcat (x)

Revenge Of The Enemies 2016 Modified SE (x)

Deadly Spell Impacts (x)

Arctic (Frost Effects Redux) (x)

Adventurous Loading Screen Overhaul (x)

Immersive Citizens (AI Overhaul SE) (x)

Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods/Immersive Citizens Patch (x)

Immersive Citizens (AI Overhaul SE)/Immersive Wenches Patch (x)

Winterhold Restored (x)

Winterhold Restored/JK's Skyrim Patch (x)

Winterhold Restored/No Snow Under The Roof Patch (x)

Run For Your Lives (x)

NPCS Run And Walk At Your Own Pace (x)

Innkeepers Don't Escort SSE (x)

Closing Time (x)

Provincial Courier Service (x)

Arthmoor's Towns/Landscape Fixes For Grasses Patch (x)

Better Dialogue Controls (x)

Follower Commentary Overhaul SE (x)

Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE (x)

Amazing Follower Tweaks SE (x)

Even Better Quest Objectives SE (x)

Move It Darn It (SE) (x)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul SE (x)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul/Unoffical Skyrim Special Edition Patch + Cutting Room Floor Patch (x)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul/Amazing Follower Tweaks Patch (x)

Serana Dialogue Edit SSE (x)

Wild Herds Of Skyrim (x)

Herds SSE (x)

Herds SSE/RS Children Patch (x)

Height Adjusted Races With True Giants (x)

RS Children/Height Adjusted Races With True Giants Patch (x)

Rustic Elder Scroll SE (x)

LeanWolf's Improved Enchanting Candle Meshes SE (x)

Rally's Horn Chandelier And Candle Overhaul (x)

Rally's Candle Flames (x)

Smoking Torches And Candles (x)

Ultimate HD Fire Effects (x)

Embers HD (x)

KD (Realistic Fireplaces V3) (x)

Rudy HQ (More Lights For ENB SE) Soul Gems (x)

Rudy HQ (More Lights For ENB SE) Chaurus Eggs And Sacs (x)

Peltapalooza SE (x)

Snazzy Furniture And Clutter Overhual (x)

Snazzy Furniture And Clutter Overhaul Patches (x)

Obscure's College Of Winterhold (x)

Misc. College Of Winterhold Tweaks (x)

Winterhold HD (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE/Interesting NPCs Patch (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE/ELFX Patch (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE/Settlements Expanded/Soljund's Sinkhole Patch (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE/Snazzy Furniture And Clutter Overhaul Patch (x)

The Great Village Of Old Hroldan SSE/Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Patch (x)

Wizkid Signs (x)

Misc.Wizkid Signs Patches (x)

Rally's Five Cities Currencies (x)

Bring Out Your Dead (x)

No Snow Under The Roof/JK's Skyrim/Dawnstar/Bring Out Your Dead Patch (x)

Claralux/Frostfall Patch (x)

Mis.Claralux Patches (x)

JK's Skyrim/Cutting Room Floor Patch (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Bring Out Your Dead Patch (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Arthmoor's Dawnstar Patch (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Arthmoor's Dragon Bridge (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Arthmoor's Falkreath (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Arthmoor's Ivarstead (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

JK's Skyrim/Arthmoor's Rorikstead (Arthmoor's Patch Pack) (x)

(do not install Arthmoor's Patch back before the above mods)

Rally's Farming Tools (x)

Lockpick Graduation By Lilyu (Option 3) SSE (x)

Remember Lockpick Angle (Updated) (x)

Radiant And Unique Potions And Poisons HD SE (x)

Wintermyst (Enchantments Of Skyrim) (x)

Rocking Horses (x)

Toymania (x)

Children Toys (Elements Of Skyrim) (x)

Jiub's Opus (Quest Markers) (x)

After The Civil War (Siege Damage Repairs) (x)

Agent Of Righteous Might (x)

Unslaad SE (x)

Unslaad SE Voiced (English Addon) (x)

Vigilant SE (x)

Vigilant Voiced (English Addon) (x)

Your Own Thoughts SE (x)

Save The Icerunner (Lights Out Alternate Routes) (x)


Read:  Skyrim SE goes permanent black screen after loading save by myself or after dying.

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