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Custom follower appearance reverts back to vanilla (ck)

Content of the article: "Custom follower appearance reverts back to vanilla (ck)"

Hi there!This is my first post so I apologize in advance if I missed something or make mistakes. :<

I've been trying to create my own custom follower in the Oldrim CK, after it didnt work out in my heavily modded SE. Completely and freshly reinstalled LE and tried again, following multiple! guides in hopes of succeeding: (the whole tutorial)

First I only used Skyrim and Dawnguard as my main esp.'s but added Elemental Eyes, SK Hairdo's, Brows and Beards later on since these were the mods that were shown in the racemenu. Later I also added Update, SOS, High Poly heads in hopes of fixing my problem.So what happened is that I created my follower as a new npc and imported his face that I made in Modder's Resource – Easy NPC Creation and he ended up looking like the mismatch picture I attatched. Changed all of his features to the ones I wanted, saved, exported his face, used NiF Merge and re-opened the mod in CK only to see that his face features went back to vanilla. Everything I had saved was undone. Same procedure again, changing his face, saving, adding him to a cell. When I loaded into the game, well… the mismatch picture shows how he looks even though I exported his head and changed his looks again. When I placed him in the cell, his appearance was as I had saved it with custom eyes/hair etc. His race is Nord (I added a picture so you can see what he should look like), I tweaked his ears to be pointy and changed his slider to a bit of Dark Elf in the Extra section of racemenu (my OG Dark Elfs look like scarecrows). Mentioned pictures can be found here:

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My LOOT logs can be found here:

I'm playing Skyrim via Steam, located on an external drive D:, latest game version including patch and USLEEP, NMM for installing mods and SKSE, LOOT to sort my mods, no ENB atm, no 4GB patch, verified local data.

I googled all I could for the past days but I can't find anything that describes my problem or has any kind of solution for it. I hope I included every info you need and if not, I surely can provide anything else you need. Also posted this on the Nexus forums, hopefully someone can help 🙂

Thanks in advance!

Edit 1: Forgot to add the link:


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