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Custom-voiced Follower Mods with the most and best on-Topic Chatter

Content of the article: "Custom-voiced Follower Mods with the most and best on-Topic Chatter"

I'm on Skyrim SE for PC.

I've been playing skyrim for a few months. I've found what I really enjoy is the followers who have the most variety of comments on the situation. Not just random things they say, but comments that seem aware of where we are and what's going on. For me that's the most compelling way to get to know the character and make them feel alive.

I like having 2 companions at a time, and switching who goes with me from time to time.

Of course I am loading up promising mods and try them out, but it's hard to quickly judge these things. I might play with a follower for hours and still not have a good idea of how many on-topic comments they make, I might randomly avoid or run into a bunch of triggers.

Banter between NPC is great too.

Vilja and Inigo seem like the gold standard. They were the core of my first partial playthrough, but I don't want to do the same thing.

Lucian and Auri Song of the Green and Sofia were in my first play-through, they seem quite good, though not on the level of the Vilja and Inigo. They didn't get as much attention, so I might add them again, but I'd rather do something new that's as roughly good.

M'rissi and 3dNPCs are definitely on my new list. Even if I don't have a 3DNPC in my party, i like running into the random interesting people, but some of the super-followers seem pretty good.

I'm trying Aurlyn, Mirai, and Khash. Aurlyn isn't giving me a good impression. Solid voice acting, but she seems to be ridiculously Mary-Sue-level powerful, and the flowery philosphical stuff she says rarely seems to be on-topic. I haven't seen much of Mirai yet. Khash seems solid, and above average, not likely to be my main follower, but fun to bring along sometime.

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I've rejected Caesia, Ambriel. Caesia had good voice acting, but was too lore-breaking for me, and seemed to mostly complain about the politics of skyrim, which gets old even faster than most repeated comments. Ambriel had a weird railroaded star-wars derived plot.

I also tried Anna's NPCs. I've taken it off, but might be persuaded to give them another look. The voice quality was uneven between the followers, but that isn't a huge problem, as I can just ignore whichever ones have bad audio. I guess my main complaint is they didn't seem to belong to skyrim, but some other nicer, safer, and more generic fantasy world.

So any other Followers I should consider for high-quality situation awareness comments?

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion of the mods i've tried?


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