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Custom Voiced Snow Elf adoptable healer and a time-travelling Dwemer Bounty hunter that can be a boss enemy or follower in development.

Aeris The Snow Elf

She is a snow elf child whose father was an Atmoran was involved in the war between the Elves and the Atmorans. She was initially meant to be a "he" but because of my trash mic and voice, I decided to try and use the Gretal voice from Custom Voice Resources. Because of the limitation in the voice, I am working on making her a follower whose abilities speak for her.


She was conceived in the peaceful time between the Elves and men. No one knew about the secret affair between her parents who were both already married. She lived with her mother but secretly visited her father when she learnt invisibility and muffle. She was actually with her father during the Night of Tears where the elves massacred the men including her father. She hid from the slaughter and discovers The Eye of Magnus under Saarthal which was the reason for the massacre and uses it to advance her abilities. She learns a spell to resurrect the dead which she tries to use on her father but the elves burnt all the corpses. With her new powers, she tries to prevent the war between both races without using offensive magic but for every one person she healed and brought back, the men killed 100 more. Her mother knowing that this is the end of her race used an elder scroll to see the future and sends Aeris forward in time similar to what was used against Alduin at the cost of her sight. Aeris parents appear as a Wisp mother and ghost to protect her when she is danger.


She is a healer, buffer, cook, conjurer and illusionist. She doesn't engage in combat and can cast spells out of combat on player commands like water-breathing and buffs. She can summon both parents and her pet wolf in combat. Her spells get more powerful as she levels up with the player. Her most powerful spell is the ability to resurrect the dead but not those that are in ashes.

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I have made a custom look for Aeris Wisp mother giving her a blindfold and hair with a full body. Her father and the wolf is already done. I am still working on Aeris look. She will use a CBBE body with a custom Bodyslide I am working on and custom textures. She will, of course, be non-nude and well have her own armour set for vanilla armour so that people can use her even if they have armour replacers. She will also have unique armour and clothes as battle and casual outfits.

Thoughts that went in creation

I have only adopted three children in my Skyrim playthroughs. Lucie, Sophie and that one boy in Bleak Falls Barrow added by TKAA. Apart from the sad backstory, Child in Skyrim are all the same. You can try to change their potato look but they can't change their blandness. It is even worst if you have them as followers because one it will make you look like a bad parent (I am sure all the orphans would be better off on the streets than fighting dragons) and two, you are just wasting a slot that could be filled by the far better vanilla and custom followers that have a personality. Khash is the only good child follower that I know of and even though the number of healer mods grows by the day, none of them have a personality. So, I decide to make one that is both a kid and a healer because I don't want them to be involved in the combat. I also wanted them to be experienced in combat so that it doesn't feel weird taking them into the battlefield. I loved this snow elf race mod and decided to make my follower a snow elf but was part Nord so that she won't hate the player if he was a Nord after what she experienced in the war and won't have any conflict if the player joined the Stormcloaks. Is she lore-friendly and IMMERSIVE? Mostly. I was interested in Falmer lore and researched their feud with the early Nords. The only things that could be unlikely are the use of an elder scroll to save Aeris and her advancing her abilities with the Eye of Magnus but no one knows much about the eye or where the elder scrolls where at every point in time.

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Dwemer Bounty Hunter Follower/Enemy

I haven't yet come up with a name for him and will only start working on him after I am done with Aeris and got a mic (unless anyone is interested in voicing him).

He will be a bounty hunter who is after the Dragonborn using his advanced Dwemer tech. He will, of course, try and bring the player back alive, unlike the trash vanilla bounty hunters. I want this to be hard for the player so until the idiots who will announce they have come for you, He will start attacking you with his sniper as soon as you come out of any hold while not showing up on your radar. You will either have to run away, find him and beat him or let him capture you to advance. By running away, you can find out more about him before you clash again. If you beat him or he captures you, you will have to win him over with your speechcraft or with the info you have on him from books that will be added into the game. If you don't convince him, you will have a boss fight at the end.

I choose a Dwemer as his race because I wanted a follower with abilities and a robotic arm. His attacks will have a slow and anti-magic effect. The perfect follower against mages. He may help you in smithing because you else is the best for that. I also want him to have to ability to kidnap NPC at the player's request. The hard the target, the more time he will be away from the player. You can then choose to kill the target or charge them for their rescue.

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I hope I can get Aeris done by the end of the year and if anyone would like to help it would be greatly appreciated.


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