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Customized Mod for Little Brother: I Need an Outfit Customization Expert

Content of the article: "Customized Mod for Little Brother: I Need an Outfit Customization Expert"

Hi Everyone!

Recap: A few months ago I posted a request for help for making a customized follower mod for my little brother, because I am running out of time on my mother's insurance. If I lose access to medical care, I will die. I wanted my little brother to have something to hold onto.


Out of respect for the mod community, I won't go into the full story. You can read the details here.


I do feel the need to include this, though. Originally, I was not as straightforward as I should have been, because I did not know what was and was not appropriate to include in a mod request post. This led to a situation where I unintentionally led everyone to believe I was dying of cancer or something similar.



First off, I am so sorry.

It was never my intention to lead people to think I had a terminal illness. I was overwhelmed, and unsure of what to say. For those of you that were deeply affected by my original posts and feel manipulated, I apologize. Just because it wasn't my intention doesn't mean that wasn't the ending result. I understand if you're still upset about it, it was an upsetting situation.



Moving on…

I have a pretty good mod team together, but the person that was supposed to help me with outfit customization was forced to step back due to personal reasons. Thus, I am in need of someone who can work bodyslide/outfit studio to help me make Ambrosia's outfit.

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While I am utterly incompetent with 3D art, I can work gimp files pretty well. I have colors and patterns already made. I even have texture files, but they might need some polishing. I also have the outfit I want somewhat made on outfit studio. It would look like this: outfit.



I just have a couple of problems:

  • I cannot get the outfit to conform with body slide. Whenever I try, I get excessive (clipping?), and her boobs hang out of her top.

  • This is a rough draft, and there are some jagged edges in the mesh I am struggling to smooth out.

  • Trying to cover the leather bodice texture in the top has been difficult.

  • This isn't pictured, but I wanted to turn the copper and sapphire circlet into silver and sapphire (I hate the black beads on the actual silver/sapphire circlet). I was able to recolor it okay, but there's still a slight copper sheen I can't get rid of.

  • I want the pattern on the Skaal amulet replaced with a different design that I have already made. I don't know how to replace it, though.



If there is anyone out there with outfit creation experience that wouldn't mind helping out, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day! 🙂




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