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Cyrodil is in an Ultimate Generation Meta right now and its not enjoyable

Content of the article: "Cyrodil is in an Ultimate Generation Meta right now and its not enjoyable"

This last update brought some changes to sets and introduced new ones that promote ultimate spam and power stacking. While power stacking an ultimate is a common feature, I find that people who die to Ultimates are suspect to killing other people who do survive at low HP (see: Vicious Death Buff).

  • Mechanical Acuity grants guarenteed Critical – allowing Ultimates (specifically area of effects Ultimates like Soul Tether or Bone Colossus) to hit for almost 20-30k a tick. If someones wearing Vicious Death, thats another 10k DPS burst and if your below 10k or more from the Ultimate (especially if said ultimate has a defense debuff like Major Vulnerability)

  • You have a set from the new dungeon that grants 40+ Ultimate from drinking a potion.

  • Dead Water's Guile from Murkmire now grants 15 Ultimate based on whoever recently damage dies with no cool down/limit on kills.

  • Not to mention other issues stacked on top of that involving performance like abilities not working or people going on other alliances and not playing just so they can clogg up the alliance que/server capacity.

Maybe that's just me, but I feel like there isn't really a reason to use specific builds/ability combos anymore when all you have to do is use one or two abilities, drop an ultimate, finish someone off (whether it be an a.i/group of players) have a set that regains resources back (ultimate, mag/stam) and do it again in approximatly 20 – 30 secs. The skill feels more or less gone and unless your running sets that are on ultimate spam burst that enables you to be tanky or excell at non critical single target combat, your not going to last long.

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There's no reason run medium armor unless you happen to be a speed person. Critical doesn't mean anything when your enemy is running impenetrable so your better off running heavy sets with the Malacath Band of Brutality and something like Stuhns to ensure max pentration and damage. Samething with light armor except you have a little bit more flexibility since you have penetration. AOE DOTs aren't really that effective.

Anything else feeling this way? Or is it just me?


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