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Darien Gautier and the great power of Lights of Meridia which cause a small Dragon Break

Hi there. The topic of the story continuity makes… A very vibrant effect on me when we're talking about The Elder Scrolls Online. Maybe most of the people won't share my thoughts because they consider TESO as MMO first and a big lore thing second, but here's a thing: continuity in this game is pretty bad. So bad that it's occasionally genius.

You see, there is a character named Darien Gautier…

First time I saw him in Coldharbour after which he's just… disappeared without knowing why. His friend, Gabrielle Belene, starts to miss him very quickly since she was there too. I never cared about them deeply: they are simple warriors who were thrown into Coldharbour just like me. Yes, he disappeared, but what can I do…

Strangest things happened later. I met him in Glitchnumbra Glenumbra, in the destroyed city of Camlorn. The first time I met him I mentioned that this funny guy is pretty… common to me. Like I met him before, but don't know where. And only after I UESPed him, I found out that this is the Darien Gautier who disappeared in Coldharbour!

I was kind of… frustrated. I know, I know: I may have used The Light of Meridia to hide my true identity from other Alliances' leaders and people at all, but there's no reason my character would ignore the fact that this missing guy was found like nothing ever happened… Or something big happened?

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The truth is that Gautier isn't really a human but a power that works for Meridia.

A magical cyborg, if you will. He will return to this world when Meridia would like him to return. This is uncovered in Summerset chapter and sadly I haven't played it. Well, thanks to UESP, I can somehow imagine what happened there. But not about it right now.

What if his occasional appearance in Camlorn is a part of some Meridia's plan we don't know about? After all, he's dealing with Angof's plans too, so he's performing a will of Meridia.

Still what's wrong with his interaction with our protagonist, The Vestige? Both of them act like they don't know each other – and his friend Gabrielle too! What happened? Well…

If Lights of Meridia work for us, why shouldn't they work for them too?

The entire concept of Lights of Meridia is pretty strange, don't you think? Like, "hide your identity from others on an enemy's territory". Doesn't it sound like something that breaks the entire reality? I think so.

This is what Meridia is definitely doing. She gave us a chance to hide our identity, but why shouldn't it work on someone else as well? What I'm trying to say is that The Vestige doesn't really understand that Darien and Gabrielle in the Glenumbra (and all the other places the hero meets them in the base game after finishing Coldharbour) are THE Darien and Gabrielle from Coldharbour. Looks like Meridia had her identity hiding effect on both of them during these moments, so even our protagonist can't remember them – and we, as the players, have to accept it.

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I'm just afraid, that Gabrielle never wanted it… But it is her part of the story, not ours.

You know, it's pretty ugly thing to justify scenario writers' mistakes by such kind of theories. But why not? At this state, The Elder Scrolls Online is a finished game – and if this moment isn't addressed anyhow, let this theory be. I only hope that this is going to be officially explained by developers in Bethesda. When Daggerfall made developers create a meta-story about Dragon Break, it was awesome. Why shouldn't there be a small story like this?


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