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Dawnguard Items not showing enchantments.

Hi, I was wondering if there is a mod that I downloaded that is affecting my game that is not showing my enchantment for DG Full Helmet and Shield. I don't think that I downloaded something that does this. Additionally, it makes those 2 enchantable. Thanks a lot!

P.S: another thing is instead of Dawnguard Full Helmet it says Dawnguard Heavy Helmet for the helmet name.

Mod Order:

*Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp

*Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl

*High Poly Head.esm

*RealisticWaterTwo – Resources.esm





*ELFX – Exteriors.esp

*Obsidian Weathers.esp

ELFX – Weathers.esp




*Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp

*JKs Skyrim.esp

*Cutting Room Floor.esp

*ELFX Fixes.esp



*OpulentOutfits_2017-SSE AIO.esp

*Bijin AIO.esp

Bijin Warmaidens.esp



Bijin NPCs.esp

Bijin Wives.esp



*Ars Metallica.esp

*VioLens SE.esp










*Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp




*Better Face Lighting.esp

*Cloaks – Dawnguard.esp




*High Poly Pretty Face and Darker Brows Stand Alone.esp





*JS Barenziah SE – Johnskyrim.esp



*KS Hairdo's.esp


*dD – Enhanced Blood Main.esp





*Rebalanced Leveled Lists.esp




*Unique Uniques.esp

*Unique Uniques_WACCF_Patch.esp






*Cloaks – USSEP Patch.esp



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*dD-Reduced Splatter Size.esp

*dD-Reduced Wound Size.esp

*dD-Short Script Range.esp




*Better Claws And Gauntlets.esp


*Alternate Start – Live Another Life.esp

*Alternate Start — New Beginnings.esp

Mors Feminine Females.esp

*Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul.esp

*Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp


*ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix.esp


*mjhKhajiitSpeakMod – Alternate Start.esp

*mjhKhajiitSpeakMod – Ask the Way.esp

*mjhKhajiitSpeakMod – Cutting Room Floor.esp

*mjhKhajiitSpeakMod – Immersive Citizens.esp




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