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Death Consumes All – DLC-Long Quest Mod

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Battle for the right to breathe and exist.

A mysterious plague is spreading in Skyrim, seeking to consume all that breathe. If it is not stopped in time, all of Tamriel will die. Livia Salvian, the proud and righteous Imperial noble lady, is determined to vanquish the evil that started the plague, not only to save the people of Skyrim, but also to redeem her nation's honor.

The fate of Skyrim is upon your shoulders. Make haste. The longer you take to stop the plague, the more people will die. The plague is bound to kill every living being of Tamriel, and if you don't stop it in time, you will be left with nothing but a world of the dead… and undead.

Start by visiting Livia Salvian in the palace of Whiterun.

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  1. A noble follower, whose beliefs and opinions may be changed and challenged by you.
    - Reinforce or change her worldview.
    – Romance, marriage, or friendship.
    - Compatible with other followers.
    - Quest-aware to vanilla main quest.

2. Semi-Non-Linear Questline
- Meaningful choices that will decide the ending and many characters' fates.
- Every character in the mod, except one particular girl, may live or die depending on your choices.
- Multiple ways to complete the storyline, in different order.
- Decide which quests you want to do and which you don't.
- Different quests you complete offer you different rewards, and will directly affect the final battle.
- You can even get to the final chapter without doing any quest, if you've already figured out how to stop the plague!

  1. Epic battles against undead, men, and otherwise.
    - Siege
    - Epic or stressful battles throughout the story
    - Boss battles

  2. Over 13 Quests, 10 Hours Play Time, 5000 Written Lines.

  3. Deeply developed characters, storyline, lore.

  4. Fully voice-acted by professionals, and human-like AI voices.

  5. Randomly generated NPCs who have opinions on a wide range of topics.
    – Some support the Empire, some support the Stormcloaks, some support the Thalmor, some simply wanted to be left alone.
    - Random personalities.

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