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Denizens of Morthal: Erandur and Valdimar show off their new personal dialogue!

Content of the article: "Denizens of Morthal: Erandur and Valdimar show off their new personal dialogue!"

I do not usually make threads on reddit, but I thought it might be neat to show off some new dialogue that will be coming to {Denizens of Morthal – Dialogue and Character Expander}

If you don't know what Denizens is about, the gist of it is this: It uses carefully spliced and re-purposed dialogue to make the good people of Morthal (and some others who have connections to certain characters from the area) talk to each other. It also overhauls the schedules of the residents and provides fresh backstory and personality to four "anchor" characters: Benor, Eisa Blackthorn, Valdimar and Erandur.

It has a sibling mod in the works that aims to give the same treatment to the rest of Skyrim and Solstheim, and each mod takes heavy inspiration from the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, but tries to be more intelligent and meaningful in its NPC-to-NPC conversations.

The NPCs talk to each other about personal matters and events that are affecting the areas in which they live. Benor, Eisa, Valdimar and Erandur have dialogue with the player about certain quest events, their own lives, and also are somewhat DLC aware.

There's an approaching update that gives conversations to four of the spouse voice types with adopted children, and each of the four anchor characters will be receiving new dialogue in some capacity–which leads us back to the topic at hand.

I recently uploaded some videos showing off Valdimar and Erandur's new personal dialogue that they have with the player.

I ran into troubled waters while trying to get these conversations to work. They're more complicated than what I usually work with because both Erandur and Valdimar's dialogue is connected, so I had to find the right combination of scripting and dialogue conditions to get everything up and running. I am really pleased with how they turned out.

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I also spent over six hours tinkering in Audacity in order to get Valdimar to say Erandur's name, so I am super thrilled to have that bit done. 😀

Erandur's new personal dialogue:

Valdimar's new personal dialogue:

And another video that shows the dialogue elements that can change depending on who you talked to first:

The update has no ETA, but it's drawing ever nearer.


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