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Desperately need help with CTD in Windhelm, cause by Dark Elf Female

Content of the article: "Desperately need help with CTD in Windhelm, cause by Dark Elf Female"

I really really need your guys' help. You see, I've been trying to fix Skyrim for almost 3 years now. I seem to have finnaly managed it (almost 1500 mods!), apart from this CTD in Windhelm. As far as I can read the Net.script framework crash report, it's due to some female Dunmer in Windhelm. I don't know which one, it could even be one added by Interesting NPCs. It's reproducible every time, either when I enter Windhelm, or when I enter the inn. I'm guessing this is when the NPC enters the inn. That's why I need your help, to identify which one it is, and finnaly fix this last problem, and FINNALY start playing. So far, I haven't crashed anywhere else.

My Net.script crash reports (I tried it twice, twice I got an identical CTD, with almost identical log):

My load order: (not LOOT sorted, I'm afraid it'll ruin my load order, but if you think it's the issue I could try it). It also needs a bashed patch, which I have yet to do, but which won't fix the CTD of course. There are only 231 esps and esms, the rest are flagged as esl (none have been compacted). The Weapons and Armors.esp is my merge of many armor and texture mods, but I've made sure to extract bsa's, and delete any npc, race, cell, or world locations from the individual esp's.

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My specs are horrible, but they aren't the cause of this crash, as it's reproducible in Windhelm. Nonetheless, I have a i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and a GTX 940MX. I have the ini's on lowest, thanks to Beth.ini, and the resolution dropped, so that I can play at 40 fps. (I know I know, I'll be upgrading to a 3060 soon). If you need any other info, please don't hesitate to ask.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. I've spent far more time than any of you could imagine trying to get this load order to work. Having it fail because of 1 NPC would ruin me. Please, please help me!


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