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Despite all the guides out there (including the for dummies on Reddit), I’m still a bit confused about DynDOLOD

Content of the article: "Despite all the guides out there (including the for dummies on Reddit), I’m still a bit confused about DynDOLOD"

I've read this post, the official manual, and watched some Gamer Poets videos (the old 2016 LE video and the newer 2020 SE video), yet I'm still confused, particularly because the newer video is very basic and a lot of the items mentioned in the 2016 video seem to be no longer applicable (but I'm not sure). (Q1) Firstly, can I mix and match Billboards and LOD packs? Below is my plan of attack and I'm wondering if I'm missing anything:

Tree/Grass Mods

  • Skyrim 3D Trees & Plants (2 separate downloads for Billboards and 3DLOD Resources)
  • Realistic Aspen Trees (Billboards included in installer)
  • Dark Forests of Skyrim (Billboards included in installer)
  • Verdant (no billboards or LODs)

Other Mods with LODs/Billboards

  • Majestic Mountains (separate download for LODPack for DynDOLOD)
  • Majestic Landscapes (separate download for Lods. Not sure if I'll use this mod)
  • Nyhus, Folkstead, and Haafstad (all with separate LOD downloads)
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Other Mods that Might Warrant Special Consideration

  • Beyond Skyrim
  • Falskaar
  • Moonpath to Elsweyr
  • Project AHO
  • Carved Brink
  • Open Cities ((Q2) The 2016 GP video showed special steps – are they still necessary?)


In MO2's left panel, I've made the DynDOLOD Resources Pack overwrite Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB, but will make my other mods overwrite the Resources Pack.

I've placed the S3DTP Billboards immediately after S3DTP mod, but (Q3) do I also need to install the 3DLOD Resources? I noticed the mod name is the same as the Billboards. Does overwrite/installation order matter for these two?

(Q4) Do I also need to install Billboards for vanilla trees (e.g. Indistinguishable Billboards)?

Run TexGen

Select all mods and billboards, activate, and run TexGen through MO2.

Make the textures folder in TexGen output into zip and install in MO2 (place last) and activate.


Run DynDOLOD with desired settings. Take output, make zip, install in MO2 (place last, but before Smash Patch) and activate.

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Remake smash patch.

(Q5) Am I missing anything?

Bonus Q Also, I thought I read DynDOLOD doesn't do landscape LOD generation, just tree and buildings? Is there a way to get everything together or am I missing the point of LODs (or misunderstanding entirely)?



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