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Detailed request: ZOS PLEASE change dungeon set weapon RNG

Content of the article: "Detailed request: ZOS PLEASE change dungeon set weapon RNG"

TLDR: The drop rates on individual weapon types of dungeon sets are insanely low for how accessible the sets are overall. Farming for these weapons can be a horrible experience, and something should be considered to change this.

I love the sets system in ESO, and I love theory crafting and testing different sets (particularly for pvp).

Between theory crafting and testing comes FARMING. In general, I love the MMO grind, and I take pride in getting a rare drop after a lot of work. HOWEVER … speaking as someone who has undertaken multiple grinds for specific weapon pieces in dungeons, I believe the loot tables for dungeon set weapons need to be changed (and I have suggestions).


First, lets look at how insane the math is on this. Normally there are AT LEAST 45 individual items on the loot table for a final boss in dungeons (jewelry+weapons for three sets), and a dungeon group only sees 4 drops per run.

(Already, this should seem nuts compared to other MMOs where although some drop chances might be similar, a 1/45 or worse drop rate is usually reserved for unique items that are meant to be extremely rare, whereas in ESO, dungeon sets are generally considered to be pretty accessible.)

Let's also consider that, anecdotally, it SEEMS to be the case that jewelry drops more frequently than weapons (the exact numbers are not publicly known, but I'm sure others will agree). AND let's consider that some final bosses include unique drops in their loot tables (and again, these seem to drop more frequently than other pieces).

This leaves us with what I consider to be an absurdly low chance for a group of 4 to see a specific weapon. I have personally undertaken farms in dungeons that have a unique drop on a final boss for a specific weapon, and it has taken me upwards of 100 runs to even see the desired piece. On the other hand, I've also been very lucky and gotten it quickly.

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This extreme variance is bad for the game. It doesn't reflect a consistent vision for how rare these items should be (because getting ANY destro staff, for example, is relatively easy, but a SPECIFIC one is totally random) … It condemns players with a desire to optimize builds around weapon types to a potentially agonizing farm, creating horror stories around desirable items like the BSW inferno or various support set lightning staffs and shields etc.

I hope players and ZOS can agree that the RNG of weapon drops is out of line with reasonable expectations for the rarity of these items and that something should be done to change this.


We need a "backstop" to prevent the grind from going on forever.

Idea 1) Completing a dungeon grants a currency (like undaunted keys, but unique to each dungeon) These tokens would be used to unlock an item on the sticker book.

Perhaps you'd receive 1 token for normal, 2 for vet, maybe 3 for vet HM. Perhaps the cost is very high (50+). Perhaps using them unlocks a random locked set piece rather than a specific one (to "finish" the sticker book when the farm looks bleak). The a lot is possible in the details, but the concept is simple.

Idea 2) Add a unique consumable (like the War Torte) that increases the chance of looting an item that you don't yet have unlocked (like Pickled Fishbowl increases fishing chances).

Maybe the highest tier of this consumable makes it guaranteed that you get a locked set piece from a drop. These could be expensive and the durations short enough such that you wouldn't want to use them unless you've already spent a lot of time grinding with no success.

Idea 3) Add a wildcard system, perhaps something like "weapon fragments" as a common drop on dungeon loot tables. Example: "Weapon Fragment of Sheer Venom" can drop from anything in Imperial City Prison. Some number of these fragments could be combined at a transmute station for some number of transmutes to unlock a specific weapon.

(There are a ton of ways to make a wildcard system. Maybe weapon drops have a chance of being wildcards themselves, maybe master chests have a high chance of dropping wildcards… something.)

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Side note: Although the key fragment system from IC does add additional chances for drops, the system amounts to essentially a master chest of loot per 150 fragments, and the loot table of chests is EVEN MORE NUTS considering that it includes EVERY possible drop from the dungeon.

ZOS PLEASE do something to change how this system currently works. You've designed a set system that makes dungeon sets pretty accessible, and you've designed a combat system that allows for interesting tradeoffs based on what weapon types you choose. But the dungeon set weapon drop RNG is broken and needs help.

— FAQ —

Why do I only care about dungeon sets? Overland drops are tradable which allows the market to assist. Raid groups see 12 drops from a final boss instead of 4. I'd be pleased to see these suggestions applied to other content types, but dungeon sets deserve a spotlight because the odds are simply absurd for 4 chances at the drop you need.

Why not suggest adding weapons to the loot of all dungeon bosses? It's hard enough to reasonably farm body pieces of these sets. Diluting already packed tables would just creates more problems. Perhaps wildcards should apply to all pieces.

What about CHESTS? Chests are terrible. I always try to find them when I'm farming a set, but the loot table of chests includes EVERY possible drop from the dungeon, and the chance at other nonsense like maps, AND the chance at literally nothing. (Recently while looking for a 1hand axe, I opened a simple to find a 1h mace and cried a bit.) Also, nobody knows about the treasure hunter passive from CP, and this makes it even more frustrating to farm with random groups (if you can even get them to open chests you find in the first place…)

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Why change something that's been this way for so long? Idk fam, why add the sticker book? Because ZOS knows the set system is nutty (unique and great, but unwieldy without proper attention to QOL.) If you're one of those people who thinks, "I had to farm for 90 days for my BSW inferno so all the kids these days should too," then you and I see things very differently.

(THANK YOU FOR READING and please consider reacting to my forum post on this subject found here)


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