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Double fun with double cards

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In case you don't know, whenever you buff a double card, both cards get the buff after they split, as long as the card type is compatible with the buff. You can buff double cards either while they are in your deck, e.g. with Ancestors Battleaxe or Jorunn's Vanguard. Or with effects that trigger upon draw, like Treasure Hunt. I learned that this trigger only has to hit one card. Both Rayvat and Tavyar get the buff from {{{Mistveil Warden}}}, even though only one has guard.

Now for the most part, this effect is hard to exploit consistently, but there is one combination where it works. I'm talking about Covenant Oathman drawing and buffing Cloak/Dagger. The buff triggers before the card splits, giving you a +2/+4 and +4/+2 item for 1 mana each. If you are lucky, you also have a {{{Relic Hunter}}} around, then it's +3/+5 and +5/+3! Chances are that you even have the mana left to apply these buffs to board immediately. The tempo boost from that is not to be underestimated; I discovered the combo by chance, and it worked so well that decided to build a deck around it.

Doing so requires some painful sacrifices. Firstly, no other items in deck beside cloak/dagger. Bye bye Sentinels Battlemance. Even worse, you need to keep the Blue percentage low in you lower tiers, and populate it with mostly Red and Purple. Wardcrafter and Harpy? You usually won't think twice about them, but now you should.

Below there is a sample decklist which is still a bit meme-y, because wanted other ways to trigger Relic Hunter than just Oathman. Also I decided to experiment with the concept of on-demand buffing high health creatures to control the board, and I love the Covenant specialtly to raise Merric with the Necromancer. You can probably just embed the combo in some powerful Warrior build and it will be better. Nevertheless, I had a surprisingly high win rate with it, at least in metas that were not all about greed and control.

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The tool had a problem with visualizing it, but that's actually a Baliwog Tidecrawler there. If you ever wanted to use it, this is the deck for you 😉



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