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Draco’s Lakeview + Oakwood + Town of Pinewatch = Awesome Larger Town

Figured out a nice combo.

Draco's Lakeview Exterior ( – make sure to get the right file

Oakwood (

Town of Pinewatch (

Draco's has to be first in the load order; I don't think the order of the other two matters.

Anyway, this gives you a cool fortified villa in the passage between the mountains with towns on either side, complete with patrolling guards from all three mods. Oakwood is the more functioning town (shop, inn, miners, fishers, guards) on Lake Illinalta.

Pinewatch has underdeveloped interiors and NPCs, but is complete externally (guards work) and replaces the irritating bandit-controlled bridge with a guard-bridge and fortified town that looks good.

Really makes Lakeview feel like a significant location in the world, the center of a larger town of which you are the seat-holder. Second only to the Jarl in importance in Falkreath politics. Also makes Falkreath hold seem less pathetic with the loss of Helgen.

EDIT: I realized that there is an issue with some floating vegetables in this setup (added by Dracos). I'd missed them because I don't go over to the spot they are at, ever. I just disabled them, and it doesn't bother me, but for full disclosure if you want to avoid that.

Lakeview Manor Upgrades ( is working flawlessly in place of Draco's, though. Still testing it out to be sure, but nothing out of place so far. I don't think this one edits the terrain at all, which makes it much more compatible. Much more immersive, too.

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So the combo to beat (right now) is Lakeview Manor Upgrades + Town of Pinewatch + Oakwood. Lakeview Manor Upgrades has a build option to remove the necromancer altar, so that's not a concern. Add in Manor Roads ( if you want a road from lakeview to Pinewatch (road from lakeview to Oakwood already included).


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